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Why Dragon Professional Anywhere?

Dragon Professional Anywhere has proven to make professionals 3x more productive. Did you know the average person in the UK types 40 words per minute, but with Dragon, you can type 150 words per minute? You could be saving upwards of 1 hour every day. Not only that, but setting up the software is quick and easy with a simple 1-click installation thanks to its lightweight, cloud-based technology.

In 2022, professionals saved more than £20k, over 999 days of secretary typing were saved, and there’s a staggering £40million of projected savings to our clients over the next 5 years.

Text Expansions

Text expansions allow you to expand words and phrases to add clear descriptions to terminology. For example, say "Expand Mansard Roof" and Dragon will write "Mansard Roof (a roof with a double slope in which the top slope is shallower)".

Add Words

Adding words allows you to add obscure names, surnames or locations to your personal dictionary, like Cirque Le Soir, so that you never have to put up with misrecognised or misspelled words and phrases again.


Using auto-text functionality allows you to insert a block of text using a trigger word or words. For example, say "Insert Confidentiality Disclaimer" and Dragon fills in that variable for you.

Custom Commands

Creating your own custom commands allow you to carry out multiple functions. For example, say "Create New List" and Dragon follows the commands you set up, allowing you to multi-task your workflow routines.