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Why Dragon Medical One?

Dragon Cloud Speech Recognition is unlike any other Speech Recognition engine you’ve seen before. As the world’s #1 speech-to-text software, nothing will ever compare to its speed, accuracy and adaptability.

Every user experience is unique to them, allowing them to fine tune and customise the software to suit their working style, whether they work in legal, medical, or other professional sectors regardless of which product they are using.

Dragon is so much more than a speech-to-text engine, it has endless capabilities to assist with the most complex of document workflows.

Text Expansions

Customise your own text expansions to bring more meaningful descriptions to client or patient notes. For example, say "Expand hypertension", and Dragon will write "Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)".

Add Words

Expand your own dictionary to understand bespoke names and surnames, locations and even add your own phrases. You no longer have to wait for your suppliers to change them for you.


Set up auto-texts for phrases you use daily. For example, name a standard paragraph like "safety net" and Dragon inserts single or multiple paragraphs of text, to fill in the variable.

Custom Commands

Using a simple voice command, Dragon can launch applications, templates in Clinical Systems and Microsoft Office, and more Windows or web-based apps.