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Why Dragon Legal Anywhere?

Crescendo have been a leading provider of Legal Dictation solutions in the UK for more than 30 years. Thanks to Dragon Legal Anywhere, over 2,000 hours were saved for Solicitors last year in 2022, as well as more than 999 days of Secretarial typing being saved.

Your user experience is personal to you in order to help streamline your legal documentations, whilst lowering costs on transcription to free up more fee earning time. Not only is Dragon the most accurate speech-to-text engine out there, it’s also cloud-based to ensure easy installation and use. Pre-tuned with Legal terminology, Dragon Legal Anywhere is guaranteed to speed up the creation of legal documents. It’s been and continues to be revolutionary for law firms across the UK.

Text Expansions

Customise text expansions to bring meaningful descriptions to your documents. For example, say "Expand without prejudice", and Dragon will write "without prejudice (when this is written on the document it cannot be used as evidence".

Add Words

Expand your own dictionary to understand bespoke names and surnames like Bakshi, locations and even add your own phrases. You no longer have to wait for your suppliers to change them for you.


Using your own auto-text functionality allows you to input a block of text for your legal documents using a trigger word or words. For example, say "Standard court information" and Dragon will fill in that variable for you.

Custom Commands

Customised multi-step commands allow you to carry out a function using a trigger word or words. For example, say "Open Royal Court pleadings" and Dragon follows your command, multi-tasking your workflow routines.

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