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Hacks to save more time with Dragon Professional Anywhere

Crescendo Webinar:
Hacks to save even more time with Dragon Professional Anywhere

17th June 2021
13:00 to 13:30



Who are Crescendo & what the webinar will be covering.

Speech Expert Hacks

Hear top hacks from Crescendo & Nuance's Speech Experts.

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Simon Howard

Simon has an extensive history in speech recognition, having been a founder of one of the original Dragon Systems Partner companies in the UK and a former Sales Director at Nuance Communications. He is a well-known presenter and a passionate advocate of the productivity benefits that speech technology brings to the business and professional sectors of industry.

Simon Howard

Vladimir is a Sales Manager at Nuance delivering value to high-profile private and public organisations. Commercially savvy and with a strong interest in technology, he has extensive experience in creating and delivering value.. Highly customer-focused and results-driven, he supports businesses in developing best practices that facilitate efficient document creation.

Vladimir Teodosiev



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