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Voice Enable TPP SystmOne with Dragon Medical One Speech Recognition

Dragon Medical In TPP SystmOne by Crescendo

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Dragon Medical One in TPP SystmOne

Dragon Medical One by Nuance is the #1 cloud-based Medical Speech Recognition in the UK.

Dragon Medical One is a game changer for Primary care settings. Gone are the days of tedious setups, profile training and computer performance problems. Even your IT company will benefit from this cloud based, software as a service solution.

Better still, Crescendo have developed a comprehensive command pack for TPP SystmOne which allows users to navigate, control and code entirely by voice.

What more could you need?

Dragon Medical One & Crescendo’s Command Pack for TPP SystmOne give the full functionality you need to voice-enable the clinical system.  

  • Up to 99% accuracy rates from first use
  • The fastest Speech Recognition on the market
  • Complete a full consultation in TPP SystmOne entirely by voice.
  • Complete your clinical coding with ease by voice.
  • Unlock navigation of TPP SystmOne even whilst writing a task.
  • Create shortcuts for your clinical document such as “insert safety net” or “open referral template”.
  • Use across multiple sites – simply put the software on a memory stick to plug & play!
  • No need for microphones, use the PowerMic Mobile App to turn your smartphone into a microphone.
  • Comprehensive analytics tool to track, measure and improve use across your organisation.
  • Secured using 256-bit encryption.
  • Read the full spec sheet here.

So. Many. Pros. 

There are so many benefits to using Dragon Medical One in TPP SystmOne we’ve had to summarise them for you:

Mass time savings

The average GP reports saving 1 hour every day using Dragon Medical One Speech Recognition in TPP SystmOne.

Output quality

Whether an email, a referral or clinical notes, completely eradicate typos and brief consultation notes. Find your quality of work improves tenfold. 

MedicoLegal Protection

With auto Safety Net input protect your organisation by ensuring that clinical notes contain the full detail required.

Return On Investment

Crescendo offer a free 30-day trial of Dragon Medical One, following the 30-days you will receive a complete ROI report based on usage across your organisation.

Work from home or any PC

Dragon Medical One allows Clinicians to work from home, share PC’s, and move from site to site as the cloud-based engine will access the users profile wherever they are. The cloud they use is of course NHS approved.

Because we understand the NHS. And we understand TPP SystmOne like no other.

  • Crescendo can truly tailor Dragon Medical One to your organisation and your requirements – not a lot of providers can do this.
  • Crescendo is an TPP Partner and have built a Command Pack for SystmOne to make Dragon work seamlessly in the software. You won’t get this anywhere else.
  • Our team use TPP SystmOne every day, we work with GPs everyday. Everything we develop for SystmOne is done with Primary Care in mind.
  • Custom training for every user is given by a Crescendo expert or our expert trainers will train yours.
  • Our support team are experts on the software and have worked with NHS clients for years.
  • We offer flexible payment options.

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