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Sample Professional Text

Context is very important to ensure Dragon works as intended, it also assists Dragon to use punctuation and speak within the range of the vocabulary so dictating “test, test, test, one, two, three” will not always yield good results. Please read the following text (including punctuation in bold), this will give a good indication the system is setup correctly.

Following on from the conversation we had last Wednesday <comma> I would like to book a meeting with you and would prefer if this could be scheduled for a Friday afternoon in the near future <full stop> <new paragraph>

The content of the meeting would be to discuss the finacial incentives I have been offered with the new job we discussed <comma> as you know I am nearing retirement age so it is important to know if these incentives will have any bearing on my pension <full stop> <new paragraph>

I look forward to hearing from you <full stop>

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