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Sample Medical Text

Context is very important to ensure Dragon works as intended, it also assists Dragon to use punctuation and speak within the range of the vocabulary so dictating “test, test, test, one, two, three” will not always yield good results. Please read the following text (including punctuation in bold), this will give a good indication the system is setup correctly.

I saw this gentleman in clinic today following his recent MRI scan <full stop> <new paragraph>

Somewhat intriguingly <comma> this has suggested some early inflammatory change in his terminal ileum <full stop> The reporting of the images sounds not entirely convincing <comma> and as a first incident <comma> I am going to review these with radiologists before taking the plunge and undertaking further invasive investigations <full stop> <new paragraph>

His symptoms are somewhat atypical for any TI inflammation being central and mainly towards the left of the abdomen <full stop> There are no clear obstructive symptoms <full stop> He feels his symptoms have improved over the months <full stop> We have been investigating him in this clinic <full stop> He appears to have been being tried on IBS type treatments without any effect <full stop>

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