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Context is very important to ensure Dragon works as intended, it also assists Dragon to use punctuation and speak within the range of the vocabulary so dictating “test, test, test, one, two, three” will not always yield good results. Please read the following text (including punctuation in bold), this will give a good indication the system is setup correctly.

Dear Mrs Jones <comma>

Many thanks for your telephone call of earlier today <full stop> <new paragraph>

If I understand correctly <comma> it is your belief that your ex-husband <comma> the Respondent <comma> owned a maximum investment plan during the course of your marriage but failed to disclose it during the matrimonial proceedings and resultant agreement <full stop> <new paragraph>

If this were the case my feeling is that you would be able to have the current matrimonial agreement revoked in either the Court of Appeal <comma> London or alternatively by instigating a setting aside action in the High Court <full stop> <new paragraph>

Obviously we will require sight of the documentation concerning the investment plan and I would be most grateful if you could organise an appointment in this regard <full stop> <new paragraph>

I look forward to hearing from you in due course <full stop>

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