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Important Notice – DMPE Retirement

As part of the cloud evolution and to improve performance, security and provide better user experiences, Nuance are shifting their focus to Dragon Medical One (DMO), a new cloud-based speech recognition solution. DMO offers significant benefits over locally installed speech recognition, including super-fast recognition, always available personalisation, and with the new PowerMic Mobile APP, you can use your smartphone as a convenient, wireless high-quality microphone.

As a result of the shift to DMO, Dragon Medical Practice Edition (DMPE) licences will no longer be available to purchase as of September 30, 2022, and DMPE will no longer receive critical updates, patches, or upgrades as of September 30, 2023.

You can choose to continue using DMPE after September 30, 2023, but Nuance will not prevent or resolve any security issues that may arise after this date and will not be responsible for any security incidents, breaches, or other security failures.

To assist end users who wish to transition to DMO, Nuance have agreed financial incentives for Crescendo customers including a free of charge switch to DMO1 and a 50% reduction on the first year’s subscription costs of DMO2. For more information click here and use the chat feature or book a web demonstration.

Crescendo provide no obligation trials of DMO including voice commands for popular patient record systems such as SystmOne and EMIS Web. Trials also include full access to the Crescendo implementation and technical support team to ensure users get up and running quickly and get the most out of the new software prior to subscription. DMO also works alongside DMPE if users wish to compare the functionality of the 2 products. You can request a no obligation trial here.

1 Customers with a valid Support Subscription can transition to DMO free of charge until their current DMPE subscription expires providing they sign up to renew their subscription to DMO for the first year.

2 Customers with a valid Support Subscription will receive 50% of the first year’s RRP subscription price at the time of renewal.

To view the official Nuance document regarding the DMPE retirement click here.

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