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Dragon Web Extension – Manual Installation

Dragon integrates with most applications seamlessly except for web browsers as they work slightly differently to other applications and display information served up in another location. As such Dragon requires an extension called the Dragon (DMO, DMD, DPA, DLA) Web Extension to assist with placing recognised text into the filed you are located in and to track changes and make corrections. The extension works with both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and is available in their stores:

Google Chrome Web Store
Microsoft Edge Add-ons

The installation of the extension is very simple and can be completed by most users, if the user is logged into the browser prior to the initial installation the extension will also follow from machine-to-machine and auto install, however there are occasions where the extension cannot be located, for example, if you are using a locale which isnt supported by the extension, or if your IT require an extension to be whitelisted. In these circumstances it may be possible to install the extension manually using the instructions below.

  1. Download the web extension directly from the Chrome or Edge store (links above) or request a copy of the latest extension from our support team.
  2. If the web extension is zip format, right click the zip file, select Properties and on the General tab, locate the Security attribute, select Unblock if available and click OK. Right click the zip file once more and select Extract All making a note of the location the files are unzipped to.
  3. In Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge, select Settings Extensions > Manage extensions and switch on the Developer mode toggle.
  4. Click the Load unpacked button and select the directory that contains the web extension files, and then click the Select Folder button.
  5. Close your browser fully and re-open to allow the add-in to launch, finally, open Dragon and attempt dictation into your web-based application.

Please note, Developer Mode bypasses security measures and risks the installation of malicious extensions, sometimes without end users knowing. Therefore, only install extensions from trusted sources and disable Developer Mode when not required.

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