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Dragon Medical One – TPP SystmOne Text Control


TPP have recently introduced a feature in SystmOne (integration) called Speech Control. Speech Control allows Dragon Medical One (DMO) to track text dictated into SystmOne so it can be selected. The ability to track text within SystmOne brings it another step closer to having Full Text Control and integration.

Switching on Speech Control

Within SystmOne, open the System menu followed by the PC Settings menu. within the PC Settings menu towards the bottom of the left hand navigation menu you will find Speech Control. To enable, place a tick option into the Enable Speech Control box towards the top of the settings screen and select Nuance Dragon Medical One.

For more information on how to integrate Dragon Medical One with SystmOne so you can use your voice to open patients, start consultations and create templates to dictate into reach out to our support desk.

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