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As Dragon Medical One is the recommended speech solution for SystmOne, TPP have worked closely with Nuance to introduce a new API into SystmOne allowing near seamless working. This gives DMO users the ability to track text dictated so it can be selected and corrected in place, without the need to use the dictation box and also allows for complete navigation introducing time saving features such as opening pre-filled templates and navigating and inputting/checking blood results all by issuing voice commands.

Switching on Speech Control

To use the new speech control, it must first be enabled within SystmOne. This is a one-time setting but is PC based so may need to be performed more than once if you work at different machines.

Within SystmOne, open the System menu followed by the PC Settings menu. within the PC Settings menu towards the bottom of the left hand navigation menu you will find Speech Control. To enable, place a tick option into the Enable Speech Control box towards the top of the settings screen and select Nuance Dragon Medical One.

For more information on how to integrate Dragon Medical One with SystmOne so you can use your voice to open patients, start consultations and create templates to dictate into, reach out to the Crescendo support desk.

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