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Dragon Medical Practice Edition – Hot Key’s


Dragon comes preconfigured with hot keys for controlling different aspects of the application, for example, Ctrl + T transfers text to unsupported applications. Sometimes if you have other software which uses the same hot key’s this can cause a conflict stopping certain keys being typed on screen. If you find this behaviour and are not able to switch off the hot key’s within the 3rd party application you can amend or switch off the hot key’s within Dragon.

Amend a Hotkey

To amend the hot keys in Dragon, go to the Settings menu, Options and Hot keys, select the hot key you wish to amend and click on Edit. Press the key combination you wish to assign and then click on OK to confirm, If you want to change the + hot key for turning the microphone on/off this can be amended in the same way.

Disable Hot Key

Leave the Key Combination blank if you wish to disable it, this way it can be reassigned in the future.

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