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Dragon Medical One (DMO) and Nuance PowerMic Mobile Implementation

Thank you for your interest in Dragon Medical One and the Nuance PowerMic Mobile. The below information explains how to set the software up in all environments and contains links to the software required, in addition to setting up the software you will also need your registered end user details to start using Dragon Medical One, if you have not yet registered and obtained these details yet, we recommend you do this first using our end user registration form so the users can be setup whilst you are installing the software.

Dragon Medical One (Desktop Application) – Getting Started

Dragon Medical One is distributed using two different methods, your organisation can use either or both depending on your environment and usage policies. Regardless of which method you choose Dragon Medical One only requires a small client footprint (< 200mb) and must be co-installed in the same environment as the applications you wish to dictate into. Dragon Medical One also also requires an ‘always available’ internet connection and unfiltered access to the Nuance recognition servers, for more technical information see the Administrators guide located within the Standalone Distribution download package.

ClickOnce Distribution (Recommended)

  • Installation process designed for local Windows PC’s.
  • Installed directly from a web browser.
  • Does not require administrator privileges.
  • Automatically updates when new versions become available.
  • Depending on your internet speed, the installation process takes minutes.

Getting Started:

  1. Distribute the ClickOnce link (below) to your end users.
  2. Open the link (by default, the link will open in Microsoft Edge).
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the software.
  4. Plug in the recording/input device.
  5. Login and start dictating.

ClickOnce Installation (Google Chrome and Internet Explorer)
ClickOnce Installation (Microsoft Edge)

NOTE: If restrictions prevent you from opening the above link, copy the URL below and paste it directly into Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge to launch the installation process.

Standalone Distribution (Designed for advanced users)

  • Installation process mainly for virtual environments such as Citrix, VMWare or RDS.
  • Provides seamless end user delivery.
  • Requires direct server access with administrative privileges.
  • Allows administrators to control versioning and upgrades at an organisational level.

Getting Started:

The following link is for IT administrators ONLY and takes you to the Administrators Resource page where you will find installation & deployment packages, virtualisation add-ons and additional technical information. Please note, all installation & deployment packages on the Administrators Resource page require ‘OrganizationToken’ which is supplied upon request.

Standalone Installation Download Page

Nuance PowerMic Mobile (Mobile Microphone) – Getting Started

If you have not subscribed to the Nuance PowerMic Mobile recording APP, you can skip this section.

Manual installation and configuration

Open Dragon Medical One on your desktop computer, select Nuance PowerMic Mobile as the microphone device and login. The microphone icon on the Dragon Bar is orange whilst waiting to pair with the mobile device.

Install the Nuance PowerMic Mobile APP from the mobile devices APP store or by using one of the following links:

Open this page on the mobile device and click onto the configure button below associated with your device, when prompted select to open the link with the Nuance PowerMic Mobile APP.

Please Note: If clicking the configure button associated with your device below does not ask you to open the link using the PowerMic Mobile APP or the link does not open or generates an error, copy the text below the configure button, open the PowerMic Mobile APP, click Add Profile, paste the copied text into the Profile URL box, enter a friendly name for the profile and click Save.



Once the PowerMic Mobile APP profile has been configured enter the same email address you use for the desktop application and the microphone should pair automatically. The microphone icon on the Dragon Bar is purple once paired with the mobile device.

For more information see the Nuance PowerMic Mobile administration guide or user guide.

Technical Assistance – Available Mon-Fri — 09:00-17:00

Technical assistance is available during pilots/trials and whilst you hold a valid support subscription. If you wish to contact the helpdesk for installation or support purposes use the following details:

Support Desk Phone: 01932-789433
Support Desk Email:

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