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DigiScribe-XL Performing Queries


Queries can be used within DigiConsole to locate specific job(s) or to run simple reports which can then save in a variety of different file formats or printed.


The Query button is located in the top right above the master job view. Simply click on it to load the Master Query window.

A query is composed of a set of criteria that can be used to select specific jobs from the system database. Within the window simply select a field and the range data that you require. Add as many selection criteria as required and click on Search to run the query. The main job view will now display the search results and the title bar of will be appended with [Query: <query_name>] to confirm that query results are shown. The results can be treated like any jobs and properties can be examined and amended. To return to the master job view click on Done (in the top right corner).

To apply a Hot Key to a query simply select the desired key from the drop-down box i.e., Shift-F1. The Hot Key can be used within DigiConsole without having to use the Query button.

If you wish to save a common query, then enter a Query Name and save the query. To find a pre-existing query use the drop-down for the Query Name and select the required query. The Select Fields option can be used to specify only certain fields to be shown in the query results, this is useful for reporting purposes as by default all fields are selected and on a typical report this will wrap the results which can make it hard to read.

To save the query as a file click on Print Preview on the menu bar once the preview has loaded click on Export button on the menu bar. Select the required format i.e., Adobe Format (PDF), Excel 97-2000 (Excel is the preferred format for editing). Confirm any formatting options and then select the destination folder and filename.

If you need to perform a query on dictations that were submitted but are older than the ‘Keep Job Header’ setting for Work Type, then select the Archived jobs at the bottom of the DigiConsole Master View screen before performing a query.

To use Quick Print just click on the button, a draft version will be prepared for you to print which includes the following fields: Job No, Status, Length, Author Name, Patient, Speciality, Work Type, Dictation End

  • Query Name: name applied to saved query
  • Hot Key: hot key combination to launch query
  • Field: field to search on
  • Range From: criteria to search for or starting criteria
  • Range To: ending criteria to search for
  • Save: save a query permanently
  • Delete: delete a saved query
  • Select Fields: select the fields to show
  • Search: perform the query


Queries are commonly used for locating dictation records and not for producing reports. If you require regular reporting, then use the Reporting functions which can be accessed via the Management menu in or for referrals use the if this facility is available.

A query acts as a filter to isolate the desired information, it cannot handle complex arguments i.e., you can select and range of Authors, but you cannot select multiple Authors in different lines of the query as this will expect to match criteria against each line.

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