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DigiScribe-XL Console Troubleshooting

This document is designed to help troubleshoot issues with the DigiScribe-XL Console application that is installed when using the Crescendo DigiScribe-XL Setup.exe program.

No Corresponding voice file found

You will receive this error if the [[:software:digiscribe-xl:digiscribe-xl_console:start|DigiScribe-XL Console]] application is unable to gain access to the voice file associated with the database entry you are viewing on the screen.

  • Verify you can browse the location where the file is stored, you can obtain the location by looking at the properties of the dictation.
  • This location comes from the CSCDICT database, global table, ensure the location is correct, if not correct it and close/re-open the console.
  • Ensure you have sufficient permissions applied to the Dictation folder (Everyone – Full Control).

If you find the dictation file is missing, you can do one of the following:

  • Create a file with the same name or copy another file with the same extension and paste it into the folder and rename it accordingly, this will at least allow the database entry to be amended in the DigiScribe-XL Console.
  • Re-import the dictation file from the original source (most of the time an orphaned database entry is because a file import failed)

Cannot Connect to Database

If using version 3.6 this is most likely because the wrong server details were input when the application was installed or maybe the server’s name has changed, this can be resolved via the ODBC applet on the local computer or by uninstalling the application and re-installing it again with the correct details.

Other things to check:

  • The ODBC is using the CSC account to login and that you can input the password for the CSC account and advance to the next screens and test the ODBC connection.
  • If using port 1433 ensure this is set within Client Configuration in the ODBC connection.
  • You have the incorrect license files installed on the Crescendo server (if [[:software:licence_upgrade|new license files]] have been installed with a different name then restart the Crescendo services).
  • The server machine has a Firewall turned on, if it is then you may have to force the SQL port through the ODBC to port 1433 for it to work correctly.
  • The server machine does not have a firewall turned on; TCP/IP may not be enabled for SQL Configuration Manager (this will require a restart of SQL (CRESCENDO) service.

If using version 3.10 or above the [[:software:digiscribe-xl:digiscribe-xl_console:start|DigiScribe-XL Console]] application connects to the licence server and obtains the SQL server details to use when connecting, if it is still not able to connect it appears to fall back onto the 32-bit ODBC so creating an ODBC connection that is able to connect to the server may help.

When using version 3.12 or above the ODBC connection is used from the server and client ODBC connections do not need to be created unless a firewall is turned on, in which case an ODBC connection must be created with the port number SQL is configured to use.

‘xx-xxx-xx’ is not a valid date

This error is raised when trying to choose a date on the reports screen in the DigiScribe-XL Console application and Windows is set to **English (United States)**  and the locale has been changed to **English (United Kingdom)**, with these settings you get a date similar to **24-May-16**, in order for the DigiScribe-XL Console to work the date format must be **DD/MM/YYYY**, if Microsoft Windows is setup correctly and this date format is set (this is the Windows default date format) the application will work as expected.

Is Not a Correct Date Format

This error raised when cloning users and is also proceeded by today’s date and the current time Example: 25/Feb/15 10:38:12 is not a correct date format. – This is due to the date format on the computer where you are running the [[:software:digiscribe-xl:digiscribe-xl_console:start|DigiScribe-XL Console]] application, it is trying to insert Feb into the database when it should be 02. Correct the long and short date formats to be numeric only.

Access Violation Error

If you repeatedly receive this error: Access Violation at address ######## in module ‘DigiConsole.exe’ (applies to other DigiScribe client application) the application is running with restricted privileges. This applies to a Windows 2003 server environment. It can be resolved by the following steps:

  • Use Task |Manager to end the process for DigiConsole
  • Locate the Application EXE file (usually C:\Program Files\Crescendo\DigiScribe-XL\DigiConsole.exe)
  • Right-click on the application and select Run as
  • Deselect the option Run this program with restricted access

Unable to see the User ID or Password boxes on the login screen to input information

This is usually down to the end user screen settings being changed and not set to 100%, if this is the case try setting them back to 100% and see if the login screen resolves itself. If you still experience a problem, look at the following article that explains about a possible Windows 7 bug:

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Communication link failure

This would indicate a corrupt CSCDICT database, restore the database files from a backup.

Increased Login Time

After inputting your user details and clicking OK there is a 20 second delay whilst the system logs in, whilst the delay occurs the login screen states “Loading Transcription Rights”

This delay is usually caused by the DigiScribe-XL Console application not having any access to the shared path, you can verify this by attempting to change job information, if you do not have access, you will receive the error **No Corresponding voice file ****found**, verify you have access to the shared path and that it is set correctly in the database.

Application Errors

Exception EOleException in module DigiConsole.exe at XXXXXXXX. ASN1 bad tag value met.

  • The DigiScribe-XL Console application has obtained the SQL details from the licence server, but the data returned was invalid, this could occur if the Data1 key on the server holding the SQL Server details is corrupt.
  • The DigiScribe-XL Console application has obtained the CSC login details from the licence server, but the data returned was invalid, this could occur if the Data2 key on the server holding the CSC login details is corrupt.
  • The DigiScribe-XL Console application has obtained the CSC password details from the licence server, but the data returned was invalid, this could occur if the Data3 key on the server holding the CSC password details is corrupt.
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