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DigiDictate-IP Troubleshooting

Cannot connect to license server.

The first thing to ascertain is whether or not this is affecting any other workstation, if it is there is most likely a central system problem and nothing wrong with this particular workstation.

In the event other workstations are working OK work through the following steps in order:

  • Check the Name or IP Address that this workstation is trying to connect to through the registry is correct (HKLM\Software\Crescendo\CWAS\Server1: Address)
  • Change the Address entry in the registry to the IP Address.
  • Ensure the Name or the IP resolve correctly (if you ping the name do you get a reply from the correct IP and vice versa)
  • Log off of the workstation (this will disconnect all active connections) and log back on, try to access the Crescendo share through the UNC path to see if you can authenticate, if it asks for a username or password the client and server machine have an authentication problem.
  • Check that Microsoft DCOM is enabled on this workstation through component services.

If other workstations are getting the same message ensure the central Crescendo server is turned on and available on the network.

No dictations are shown although there are numbers next to the pending folders under ‘My Work’

The most likely cause is data corruption in one of the local XML files;

  • Close down the application error and any dictation system process that is still running, go to Start → Run and type %APPDATA%, when the window opens locate the Crescendo folder and rename it to something else (anything you like), close the window and log back into the application.

DigiDictate-IP is not bringing across the patient details from SystmOne

SystmOne integrates with DigiDictate or DigiPlayer version 5.2.15605.1 or higher. You can check your software version by going to About on the menu bar in DigiDictate DigiPlayer or via Apps and Features and clicking on Crescendo DigiScribe-XL.

When you create a new dictation or transcribe an existing dictation SystmOne will ask you to automatically Approve the Crescendo connection:

Once approved click OK to confirm the connection name which will complete the connection:

NOTE: If you are not being asked to approve the connection but have the right version of the software verify you have a patient open with an NHS number (this is required for integration) and verify the connection has not been blocked. This can be done within SystmOne, click Setup in the blue ribbon along the top of the window. Then, click Mobile Working & Integration followed by Device Manager:

Click the arrowhead next to Blocked to view a list of blocked device instances.

To find the instance which relates to your account, click on the Crescendo DigiScribe-XL instances in the list of Blocked devices and check the details that load on the right.

You want to find the instance which has your name in the ‘Approved/Blocked by’ field.

One you have found the correct instance, click Approve Device to unblock Crescendo DigiScribe-XL for you in SystmOne.

Cannot initialize your Olympus device: Class not registered

The Olympus drivers have not been selected during the installation of the software, the Olympus drivers are a feature that can be selected under the Custom installation option.

  • Close DigiDictate, modify the Crescendo DigiScribe-XL installation via Add/Remove Programs, add the Olympus drivers and restart DigiDictate.

No port currently available

This message is displayed on the login screen for 1 of 2 reasons;

  1. All available licences for DigiDictate-IP are in use.
  2. There is a central server issue and one of the server components has failed to obtain the central licence information to give to clients.

To ascertain which of the above is causing the message ask another DigiDictate-IP user to temporarily logout and try logging in on the first workstation again, if you are successful it means there are no more licences available, if you are unsuccessful see if the second user is able to log back in again, if they can’t this means there is a central server issue, this can usually be resolved by restarting the central server machine, if this doesn’t resolve the message appearing or it is not convenient to restart the central server machine contact Crescendo support.

An unhandled exception has occurred in your application.

The error is generated by the .NET Framework error and is usually resolved by one of the following:

  • Close down the application error and any dictation system process that is still running, go to Start → Run and type %APPDATA%, when the window opens locate the Crescendo folder and rename it to something else (anything you like), close the window and try the login process again.
  • Find Crescendo DigiScribe-XL in the Add/Remove Programs area, click Change or Modify and then Repair the installation and try the login process again.

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