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DCOM Hardening

As of 14th June 2022, Microsoft are updating DCOM on Windows 10 which will likely affect client/server software such as Crescendo DigiScribe-XL. It is therefore advised to update your user PCs to ensure the client software continues to work.  To assist with this we have provided the following zip file for download.

Once the zip file has been downloaded, unblock it and unzip its contents to locate the batch files. Choose the batch file which matches the type of user rights you have.

The following batch file is designed for users with administrator privileges and will update the entire PC ensuring the Crescendo software will continue to work for all users. To execute the file, right-click and choose the “Run as administrator” option (this only needs to be done once):


The following batch file is designed for users who do not have administrator privileges, it will only update for the logged on user and you will have to execute it for each user who logs on and uses the Crescendo software. To execute the file, double click it:


Note: Details about DCOM Hardening changes can be found here:

This also includes details on how the hardening can be turned off on servers should you need to do this. Please consult with your IT Support for this or call us on 01932 789433 option 2.

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