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DigiScribe-XL Performing Queries

DigiScribe-XL Performing Queries Overview Queries can be used within DigiConsole to locate specific job(s) or to run simple reports which can then save in a variety of different file formats or printed. Usage The Query button is located in the top right above the master job view. Simply click on it to load the Master … Read more

DigiScribe-XL Console Troubleshooting

DigiScribe-XL Console Troubleshooting This document is designed to help troubleshoot issues with the DigiScribe-XL Console application that is installed when using the Crescendo DigiScribe-XL Setup.exe program. No Corresponding voice file found You will receive this error if the [[:software:digiscribe-xl:digiscribe-xl_console:start|DigiScribe-XL Console]] application is unable to gain access to the voice file associated with the database entry … Read more

DXL – DCOM Hardening

DCOM Hardening As of 14th June 2022, Microsoft are updating DCOM on Windows 10 which will likely affect client/server software such as Crescendo DigiScribe-XL. It is therefore advised to update your user PCs to ensure the client software continues to work.  To assist with this we have provided the following zip file for download. … Read more

DMO – TPP SystmOne Speech Control

Dragon Medical One – TPP SystmOne Speech Control Overview TPP have recently introduced a feature in SystmOne (integration) called Speech Control. Speech Control allows Dragon Medical One (DMO) to track text dictated into SystmOne so it can be selected. The ability to track text within SystmOne brings it another step closer to having Full Text … Read more

DMPE – Hot Key Configuration

Dragon Medical Practice Edition – Hot Key’s Overview Dragon comes preconfigured with hot keys for controlling different aspects of the application, for example, Ctrl + T transfers text to unsupported applications. Sometimes if you have other software which uses the same hot key’s this can cause a conflict stopping certain keys being typed on screen. … Read more

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