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Dragon Professional Anywhere

Crescendo's latest Speech Recognition is powered by the world's best speech recognition engine, Dragon, and the all new, Dragon Professional Anywhere.

Our Speech Recognition has been proven to make professionals 3x more productive, due to the average person in the UK typing 40 words per minute, compared to Dragon's 150 wpm's. 

Quick and easy to set up, Dragon Professional Anywhere is the favourite of the IT Department, lightweight, cloud-based software which will be installed in minutes.

Better still, users will get the Dragon Anywhere Mobile App worth £299 free with the purchase of Dragon Professional Anywhere.

Everything you need. And more.

Crescendo and Dragon Professional Anywhere boast the following features:

  • Over 99% accuracy  - thanks to Deep Learning technology, 99% accuracy straight out of box with no training
  • Most responsive Speech Recognition yet - say goodbye to lag, Dragon Professional Anywhere is the fasted and most responsive engine yet
  • Highly customisable - from Auto Texts, to complex multi-step commands, you are free to set up the software to meet your needs (Crescendo will even help!)
  • Mobile App - for Apple and Android users, which syncs with your PC account sharing your profile and settings
  • Works with Client Relationship Managers (CRMs) - works well in a vast majority of CRM Systems. 
  • Cloud-based - loved by IT for it's quick and easy set up plus payment by monthly or annual subscription
  • Support for virtualised environments - supports Citrix XenApp®, Citrix XenDesktop®, VMware® Horizon View, RDSH Server or Microsoft® Remote Desktop Services, allowing users to dictate regardless of IT setup
  • 256-bit encrypted data - all data is encrypted whether in transit or at rest, meaning you can rest assured that your sensitive client information is secure 

Read the full spec sheet here.

You won't be able to say no.

We'd tell you all the benefits, but there just isn't enough room! So here are the highlights:

Work 3 times faster 

Imagine all fee earners being able to complete 3 times as many emails, letters, reports etc. The time and money savings will be incredible thanks to Crescendo and Dragon Dictation.

Improve document accuracy

Say goodbye to typos, Dragon Professional Anywhere cannot spell a word wrong. Fact. 

Save money on transcription

Reduce the need for typing resources, our clients save tens of thousands of pounds every year purely through needing less secretaries and/or not needing to use transcription agencies.

Know your ROI before you buy!

Crescendo will offer a free 30-day pilot for your users. Following the pilot we will provide you an analysis of usage along with the ROI calculation for every user! 

Dragon Professional Anywhere. For You.

Some of the sectors we are working with are:


  • Create real time reports 
  • Produce stronger cases through higher quality documentation
  • Reduced reliance on admin support
  • Mobile dictation for the go 


  • Help students realise their full potential 
  • Perfect support tool for students with learning needs
  • Effective in school and higher education settings
  • Saves time on large projects 


  • More accurate financial documentation 
  •  Easy deployment for large and small companies 
  • Add your industry terms to boost efficiency 
  • Complete documents faster than ever by voice


  • Elevate every aspect of citizen engagement 
  • Speed up process’s in social services and care 
  • Save admin time 

Because we understand Speech Recognition.

That's the short version, the long version: 

  • Crescendo will truly tailor Dragon Professional Anywhere to your organisations and your requirements - not a lot of providers can do this
  • Custom training for every user is given by a Crescendo expert or our expert trainers will train yours
  • We'll set up Dragon Professional Anywhere to work in most CRM's
  • We offer flexible payment options

Dragon Professional Anywhere ROI

Request a free 30-day pilot

After every appointment, our consultants must capture what was discussed and what actions were agreed to. With Dragon Professional Anywhere, they can dictate straight into our CRM — saving them time and allowing them to spend more time with our customers.

Marco Weyland


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Frequently asked questions

Free Speech Recognition can be tempting, however, the results are usually disappointing.

Dragon is the world’s best Speech Recognition engine, made specifically for business use, ensuring fantastic results and the highest data protection (which is often missing in free solutions). 

Free Speech Recognition is not customisable, which means if you have an uncommon surname, you will never be able to get the engine to recognise it. Whereas with Dragon you can customise everything, add words and auto-phrases, and voice commands to open documents and control your PC entirely by voice. 

Our Technical Support Team are available to all clients 08:30 – 17:30, Monday – Friday by phone or email. 

This can be upgraded to 24hour support at a cost if required.

We do not require you to buy new hardware, as long as your existing products work with the software (majority do). 

Don’t worry if they don’t, we offer hardware up to half price when buying software for the first time! 

To give you an accurate quote we will need to know volume you require, complete our 60-second form and we’ll send you a quote within 24 working hours. 

No, there are no hidden charges. You don’t pay a penny until after the trial if you wish to go ahead, if you don’t, we simply ask you return the soft/hardware to us. 

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