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The All-in-One AI Speech Recognition Solution for Finance

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Introducing speech recognition for the UK Finance market.

Powered by the #1 AI Speech Recognition by Microsoft + Nuance, Dragon Professional Anywhere for Finance is saving users an average of 1 hour a day on typing.

With unmatched accuracy and responsiveness, you can use advanced speech-to-text technology to dictate financial reports, emails, documents, and analyses up to three times faster than traditional typing methods.

Fast and Accurate: Experience up to 99% accuracy right out of the box thanks to advanced Deep Learning technology.

Use Anywhere On Your PC: Wherever typing is possible, you can dictate. Seamlessly integrate Dragon Professional Anywhere for Finance within Microsoft and Google suites, Internet browsers, Accounting software, CRM systems and more.

Free Mobile App: Embrace the flexibility of dictating on the move with the complimentary Dragon Anywhere Mobile App, compatible with iOS and Android. Effortlessly sync with your PC account for a cohesive experience, sharing profiles and settings seamlessly.

Highly Customisable: Tailor Dragon Professional Anywhere for Finance to your unique requirements effortlessly. Create personalised AutoTexts, automate tasks with multi-step commands, and refine profiles for your financial workflow. Our committed team at Crescendo is ready to assist you in optimising your setup.

Cloud-Based Advantage: Enjoy swift and hassle-free deployment with a simple 1-click download. Cloud-based software that is fully supportive of virtual environments such as Citrix, VMware, and RDSH.

Unmatched Security: Rest assured, your sensitive financial data is fortified with industry-standard 256-bit encryption, both in transit and at rest. Our software is hosted on secure UK Azure Servers.

Enhanced Financial Productivity: Unlock the potential to triple your financial output by swiftly completing emails, letters, reports, analyses, and financial statements with Dragon Professional Anywhere for Finance.

Unwavering Financial Accuracy: Bid farewell to typographical errors forever with Dragon’s advanced speech recognition, ensuring flawless financial document creation. It cannot spell a word wrong.

Cost Savings: Drastically reduce or eliminate expenses associated with transcription services and typing resources, leading to significant cost savings.

ROI Insight: Experience the transformative power of Dragon Professional Anywhere for Finance risk-free with our complimentary 30-day trial. Following the trial period, Crescendo offers a comprehensive usage analysis and personalized ROI calculation tailored to your financial team’s needs.

At Crescendo, speech recognition is not just a service; it’s our expertise. We recognise the unique demands of the financial sector and are dedicated to providing a personalised experience:

Tailored Implementation: Our team meticulously configures Dragon Professional Anywhere for Finance to seamlessly integrate with your organisation’s specific financial workflows and requirements.

Expert Training: Benefit from customised software training delivered by our in-house speech recognition specialists, ensuring every user utilises the full potential of Dragon in financial tasks.

Flexible Payment Options: Choose the payment plan that best aligns with your organisation, with monthly or annual subscription options available

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Frequently asked questions

Speech Recognition is constantly improving, the leap it has made in accuracy in the past 2 years is incredible.

Medical Speech Recognition has always had to jump through security and IT hoops, this software is pre-approved and couldn’t be easier to manage.

But don’t just take our word for it, book a free demonstration with one of our experts to see it for yourself! 

Our Technical Support Team are available to all clients 08:30 – 17:30, Monday – Friday by phone or email. 

This can be upgraded to 24hour support at a cost if required.

We do not require you to buy new hardware, as long as your existing products work with the software (majority do). 

Don’t worry if they don’t, we offer hardware up to half price when buying software for the first time! 

To give you an accurate quote we will need to know volume you require, complete the above form and we’ll send you a quote within 24 working hours. 

No, there are no hidden charges. You don’t pay a penny until after the trial if you wish to go ahead, if you don’t, we simply ask you return the soft/hardware to us.