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Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition


Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Dragon Medical Practice Edition by Nuance is the world’s most popular Medical Speech Recognition engine. 

More than just Medical Speech-to-text, Dragon Medical Practice Edition is in it’s 4th Edition due to the high demand. It is the most advanced Medical Speech Recognition Solution and it is used in organisations of all sizes from GP Practices to Hospitals. 

Everything you need and more!

Dragon Medical Practice Edition has everything you could possibly need from a Speech Recognition solution.

  • Over 99% accuracy rates
  • Create Auto-Texts and Auto-Commands for common illnesses and safety net phrases.
  • Use with your Clinical Systems such as EMIS, SystmOne, RIO, Vision and more!
  • It could not be more secure as it is locally hosted within the N3 Network (for a cloud solution see Dragon Medical One)
  • Read the full spec sheet here

It’s a no brainer

Find a summary of the many benefits below:

Unbelievable time savings

The average full-time clinician reports saving 1 hour a day on typing. Secretaries save even more when moving from tapes or a Digital Dictation solution, as the need for typing is completely removed.

Quality of documentation

From GP Consultations, to Community Care notes to Hospital Referrals the quality and speed of output is drastically improved with Dragon Medical dictation. 

Return On Investment

Whether saving on transcription costs, GP time or secretaries, tens of thousands of pounds can be saved every year thanks to Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

The Heavitree Practice replaced their secretary with Dragon Medical Practice Edition and are saving approximately £20,000 every year! 

Because you won’t find another provider who understands the NHS like we do.

  • Crescendo have ready to go command packs for leading Clinical Systems to allow for seamless use
  • We provide training for all users that is comprehensive but won’t take more than 1.5 hours (unless required by specific user)
  • The Crescendo Support Team have worked with the NHS for years and are knowledgeable of NHS Networks and Systems. 

Dragon Medical Practice Edition Elite Partner Badeg

The Medical Speech Recognition has equated to a time saving of up to 1 hour per day for each doctor which has directly benefitted the patients.

Debbie Longan

Castletown Medical Practice

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