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Dragon Medical One

Dragon Medical One by Microsoft’s Nuance is the world’s best and most accurate cloud-based Medical Speech Recognition engine. 

Dragon Medical One is a game changer for all healthcare organisations. Gone are the days of tedious setup and being prisoner to the IT department for a simple update. Being cloud-based means you have full control of your software.

What more could you need?

Crescendo & Dragon Medical One includes everything you could wish for from your Medical Speech Recognition, and more!  

  • Over 99% accuracy rates
  • The fastest Speech Recognition to date
  • Use over all devices 
  • Analytics tool to track, measure and improve use across your organisation
  • Use with your Clinical Systems – EMIS Speech Recognition & TPP SystmOne Speech Recognition Command Packs by Crescendo
  • Secure Speech Recognition using 256-bit encryption
  • Read the full spec sheet here

There are so many benefits to Dragon Medical One that we’ve had to summarise for you:

Incredible time savings – Users report saving up to 1 hour every day using Dragon Medical one Speech Recognition.

Output quality – Whether an email, a referral or clinical notes, eradicate typos and lazy completion. Find your quality of work improves tenfold. 

MedicoLegal Protection – With auto Safety Net input protect your organisation by ensuring that Clinical Notes contain the full detail required.

Return On Investment – If you’re paying a secretary or a transcription agency to type up your dictations, watch this cost vanish when Dragon Medical One does it for you.

Work from home or any PC – Dragon Medical One allows Clinicians to work from home, or share PC’s, as the cloud-based engine will access the users profile wherever they are. The cloud they use is of course NHS approved.

Because we understand the NHS. And we understand Speech Recognition like no other.

  • Crescendo can truly tailor Dragon Medical One to your organisation and your requirements – not a lot of providers can do this
  • Custom training for every user is given by a Crescendo expert or our expert trainers will train yours
  • We’ll set up Dragon Medical One to work in most Clinical Systems
  • Our support team are experts on the software and have worked with NHS clients for years
  • We offer flexible payment options

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Dragon Medical One has had a big impact on the efficiency of getting my letters done for any clinic. I am now able to send my letters within 24 hours—or even instantaneously if there are no blood results to be waited upon. This compares with the pre‑speech recognition era where letters took 2 weeks or even longer to be completed.

Dr Paul Altmann

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Frequently asked questions

Speech Recognition has advanced incredibly over the past 2 years and is constantly improving due to the built-in AI technology both Nuance and Microsoft have invested in. Providing accuracy rates of 96% from first use and reaching close to 100% within a few months, Dragon excels where other speech recognition software struggles. Dragon also integrates with most Clinical/EPR Systems allowing for a seamless working environment.

But don’t just take our word for it, book a free demonstration with one of our experts to see it for yourself! 

All Dragon subscriptions come with technical support as standard. Our technical team are happy to assist you between 09:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday, and you can pre-book appointments with them if needed. Just give them a call!

This can be upgraded to 24hour support at a cost if required.

We don’t recommend using a built-in microphone/webcam microphone, but most digital dictation devices or computer headsets are good enough for speech recognition.

There is also a smartphone APP available (PowerMic Mobile) as an add-on to the subscription, or we can supply a discounted microphone to you.

To give you an accurate quote we will need to know the number of users you require, complete our 60-second form and we’ll send you a quote as soon as we can! Alternatively, just give us a quick call.

No, there are no hidden charges. You don’t pay a penny until after the trial if you wish to go ahead, if you don’t, we simply ask you return the software/hardware to us. 

Hosted on Microsoft Azure UK servers and utilising TLS 1.2 with a 256-bit cypher algorithm, you can rest assured that any data transmitted is safe. In addition, Dragon is HIPPA, GDPR, SOC 1 Type 1 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. A-rated by Qualys® SSL Labs, it does not store any voice on the machine sending the voice, and does not have access to patient data.

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