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14-day sprint to increase billables

Supercharge productivity in 14-days. 

Crescendo is excited to announce the launch of the “14-day Sprint To Increase Your Billables” for 2023. 

Using the most accurate UK Legal Speech Recognition Crescendo has set up a programme for fee earners to boost productivity by up to 6 times and save upwards of 1 hour a day on typing. 

The programme is completely free and only requires 10-minutes of fee earner time for training following which they will be able to commence.

Dragon Legal Anywhere is the most accurate legal speech engine in the world, pre-tuned with UK Legal terminology from tens of thousands of legal documents. It is cloud based software making it easy to install in all environments incl. Citrix and Remote Desktop. Dragon Legal Anywhere even comes with a mobile app for working on the go.

Watch a live demonstration here.

We’ve taken the time so you don’t have to.

Day 1: 10-minutes of training with a Dragon Speech Recognition specialist to educate fee earners on how to use the software with ease

Day 2-14: Start using Dragon for your typing and see the instant productivity boost. During this period your Dragon Specialist will be in contact throughout via email offering advice and additional training if required.

Day 15: Receive a comprehensive usage report including time and financial savings over the sprint, along with potential ROI with continued use of the software.

(optional) Day 16-30: Continue using Dragon free of charge. 

Legal Professionals.

A simple explanation is that the software is for any legal professional looking to improve their efficiency. 

The 14-day sprint has been set up to be completed as an individual, a department or an entire organisation.



Benefits our Dragon Legal Anywhere clients have seen.

We’d tell you all the benefits, but there just isn’t enough room! So here are the highlights:

Work up to 6 times faster 

Imagine all senior solicitors being able to complete 6 times as many case reports. The time and money savings will be incredible thanks to Crescendo and Dragon Legal Anywhere.

Improve document accuracy

Say goodbye to typos, Dragon Legal Anywhere cannot spell a word wrong. Fact. 

Save money on transcription

Reduce the need for typing resources, our clients save tens of thousands of pounds every year purely through needing less secretaries and/or not needing to use transcription agencies.

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Work turnaround became faster, and the firm saved something in the region of £100,000 of overheads, which went straight onto the bottom line and increased profits.

Jonathan Silverman

Dentons Solicitors

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