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The All-in-One AI Speech Recognition Solution for UK Law Firms

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Save 1 hour a day with Dragon Legal Anywhere

Dragon Legal Anywhere is the leading speech recognition engine for UK legal.

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Dragon Legal Anywhere boasts unmatched accuracy thanks to artificial intelligence being trained with legal terminology and thousands of legal documents.

This cloud-based software has been proven to save legal professionals upwards of 1 hour a day on typing.

Everything you need for peak productivity.

Unmatched Accuracy: Dragon delivers 99% accuracy from first use, thanks to Deep Learning technology. No training required!

Lightning-Fast Speed: Say goodbye to slow dictation software. Dragon Legal Anywhere is the most responsive legal speech recognition engine available.

Free Mobile App: Dictate on the go with the Dragon Anywhere Mobile App for iOS and Android.

Highly Customisable: Tailor Dragon to your workflow. Create AutoTexts, complex commands, and customise settings with Crescendo’s expert guidance. (see video examples of these below)

Seamless Interfacing: Dragon works seamlessly with leading Legal Case Management Systems (CMS) like Advanced, Elite, Eclipse, and LEAP.

Cloud Convenience: IT departments love the easy setup and management of Dragon Legal Anywhere. flexible payment options with monthly or annual subscriptions.

Work In Any Environment: Dragon supports virtual environments such as Citrix XenApp/Desktop, VMware Horizon View, RDSH Server, and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.

Unwavering Security: All data is 256-bit encrypted in transit and at rest, ensuring the security of your sensitive client information. Software hosted in UK Azure Servers.

Work smarter, not harder.

Empowering solicitors to become legal document production powerhouses. Dragon Legal Anywhere can help your firm achieve a significant competitive edge by tripling output:

Boost Productivity: The average person dictates 3 times faster than typing. Imagine the time and cost savings!

Eliminate Errors: No more spelling mistakes, Dragon is incapable of typos, guaranteeing flawless document accuracy.

Reduce Transcription Costs: Free up valuable resources. Clients save tens of thousands by minimising reliance on secretaries and external transcription services.

Measurable ROI: Experience Dragon firsthand with a free 30-day pilot. After the trial, Crescendo provides usage analysis and a personalised ROI calculation for each user.

Your one-stop shop for legal dictation solutions.

Crescendo goes beyond simply offering Dragon Legal Anywhere. We understand the unique needs of the UK legal sector and provide unparalleled customisation:

30 Years Experience: Crescendo have been working with the UK legal sector for 30 years, transitioning with them from legacy dictation solutions to the latest in AI speech recognition technology.

Expert Tailoring: We configure Dragon Legal Anywhere to perfectly integrate with your organisation and specific requirements.

Personalised Training: Our speech recognition experts train your team, ensuring everyone gets the most out of Dragon.

CMS Integration: We seamlessly set up Dragon to work flawlessly with your existing Case Management System.

Unparalleled Support: Our team of legal speech recognition specialists are here to answer your questions and provide ongoing guidance.

Flexible Payment Options: Choose the payment plan that best suits your firm’s budget.

Long version – Read the full article on ‘Why Crescendo’ here.

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Frequently asked questions

Speech Recognition is constantly improving, the leap it has made in accuracy in the past 2 years is incredible.

Medical Speech Recognition has always had to jump through security and IT hoops, this software is pre-approved and couldn’t be easier to manage.

But don’t just take our word for it, book a free demonstration with one of our experts to see it for yourself! 

Our Technical Support Team are available to all clients 08:30 – 17:30, Monday – Friday by phone or email. 

This can be upgraded to 24hour support at a cost if required.

We do not require you to buy new hardware, as long as your existing products work with the software (majority do). 

Don’t worry if they don’t, we offer hardware up to half price when buying software for the first time! 

To give you an accurate quote we will need to know volume you require, complete the above form and we’ll send you a quote within 24 working hours. 

No, there are no hidden charges. You don’t pay a penny until after the trial if you wish to go ahead, if you don’t, we simply ask you return the soft/hardware to us.