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by olivia beke

How Much Time & Money Could You Save? Speech Recognition ROI

Dragon Speech Recognition has been proven time and time again to save users countless time, creating large financial gains for organisations.

Dragon is the worlds best Speech Recognition engine, making even fast typists 3x quicker using Dragon Software.

How much time and money could you save?

Different Versions of Dragon

Dragon Professional Anywhere

  • AI Cloud Based Enterprise Application
  • Deployable in any Environment 
  • 99% Accurate from Day one

Dragon Professional Group

  • Easy to deploy on multiple desktops
  • Use on any device
  • Legal terminology included

Dragon Medical One

  • Cloud-based and managed for larger deployments 
  • Available anywhere on any platform
  • Secure, GDPR compliant 

Dragon Medical Practice Edition

  • Full Dictionary of Medical Terms
  • Accessible from multiple devices
  • Custom Commands and Auto texts 

What are you waiting for? Start saving today!

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