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by daniella driver

Eye-opening 'speech enable emis web with dragon medical one' webinar

On Wednesday 15th March 2023, EMIS Health and Crescendo Systems Ltd joined forces for an insightful webinar detailing how you can ‘Speech Enable EMIS Web with Dragon Medical One.’

Firstly, Crescendo’s trustee Senior Sales Consultant Paul Morgan walked us through the ways clinicians save 1 hour a day with Dragon Medical One, broadening the viewers’ understanding of just some of the key features of the software. Paul then closed off his presentation by providing us with a demonstration of Dragon in action on EMIS Web!

We were then joined by Dr Barry Sullman from Balaam Street Surgery. This Practice has been recently recognised as London’s #1 Practice for same-day appointments thanks to their integration of Dragon, telling audience members “In 1 day, I will document anywhere between 70-80 consultations thanks to Dragon Medical One.”

We’re very pleased that despite Barry’s busy schedule combined with his high success rate that he was able to join us for this webinar and make such a positive impact on all viewers who are interested in the product. Barry then explained the personal benefits he has seen, as a long-term user of Dragon Medical One:

  • Better communication and documentation skills
  • Reduced stress – emphasising that there is no price on his improved mental health
  • Reduced physical work
  • Efficiency in work
  • Time-saving (frequently saving more than 1 hour a day)
  • It’s compatible no matter your location due to the cloud-based technology

It’s always extremely rewarding for us as a company to hear first-hand from real users of Dragon Medical One just how much it has transformed their work-life balance. Dragon Medical One is consistent in providing positive results with 99% accuracy from its first use, which is why it is enjoyed by so many individuals around the globe. 

To further demonstrate this, Barry told us “When I type manually with my keyboard, 20% of me focuses on typing and 80% of my attention is on the patient. When I am using Dragon, I can focus 100% of my time on the patient, and cater to their needs.”

Speech Recognition can seem intimidating at first due to its advanced technology and constant evolution. With that in mind, Barry wanted to instill confidence into those individuals by highlighting some of the “obstacles” that may be preventing them from receiving the long-lasting benefits of Dragon Medical One. These are all questions Barry himself had at one point in time more than 20 years ago when he first began using Speech Recognition.

So, what's stopping people from taking the leap to using Speech Recognition?

  • Fear of accuracy – how accurate is the technology? Why worry about 100% accuracy and when you will be saving time regardless?
  • Implementing change – do not fear technology, even though change can be daunting.
  • Worries about dictation – the clearer you dictate, the clearer your results will be. Confidence is key.

Thanks to both Paul and Barry’s amazing presentations, we closed off the session by answering all of the webinar attendees’ burning questions.

What is Dragon Medical One Software?

Dragon Medical One allows people to talk into their computers and have what they say transcribed into writing. It’s called speech recognition, and it can be super helpful for those who have typing heavy roles or likewise struggle with typing or spelling.

Dragon is much more than a simple speech-to-text engine, it learns the way you speak for maximum accuracy and allows you to create Voice Shortcuts to save you even more time.

Dragon Medical One

We appreciate that there will be many of you who wished to attend this session by were not able to, and the webinar recording can be found here. *will add in recording when we get it from EMIS*. if you are interested in receiving a 30-day trial of Dragon Medical One with no strings attached or extra costs, please get in touch with a member of the team today.

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