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Crescendo have been a leading provider of Dictation solutions in the UK over the past 30 years.

Professional hours saved last year
1 K+
days of secretary typing saved last yr
1 +
projected savings to our clients over the next 5 yrs
£ 1 mil

Crescendo Case Studies

Working Men's College

Crescendo have implemented Professional Speech Recognition into the Working Men’s College for students. We offer a discount for Speech Recognition within Education environments. 

CI Co-operative

Crescendo works with The Channel Islands Co-operative Society providing their Speech Recognition software across both their Administration and Medical offices.

Cornwall Council

Cornwall Council have been utilising Crescendo’s Digital Dictation for almost 10 years. Their multi-site solution links every council office and their dictation needs to a centralised typing pool in Truro.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition is Digital Dictation’s younger, smarter & faster cousin, who will boost productivity of your teams 3-fold.

Digital Dictation

The big daddy of the dictation world, allowing your professionals to dictation in the office or on the go with our Smartphone apps.

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