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Crescendo & PCN's

Crescendo have been a leading provider of Dictation Solutions to Primary Care over the last 20 years.

Since the set up of Primary Care Networks, Crescendo have been working to assist in meeting the requirements set out by NHS England. 

1 +
GP hours saved last year
1 +
days of secretary typing saved last yr
£ 1 mil
projected savings to practices over the next 5 yrs

Streamline referrals across the PCN with central Digital Dictation

work across multiple sites

PCN aims to have GP's working across multiple sites can become complicated and expensive. GP time ends up wasted learning new systems and practices have to purchase additional licences for them. Use DigiScribe-XL across all practices to standardise the referral process at all sites.


If you are sharing Clinical staff across the PCN, take it one step further and share secretaries too. For every 5 GP's, 1 full-time secretary is needed for typing, if you have 3 practices with 3 GP's at each site and 1 secretary, have them share and reduce the need from 3 secretaries to 2. Sharing typing can also be used as a useful tool to share cover of holidays across practices.

Mobile Digital Dictation

referral reporting

Tying together the referral process allows PCNs to measure performance against KPI's such as the number of referrals and referral turnaround times. Our reporting module will also allow you to analyse who is referring what, and more importantly which practices are referring issues to hospitals which could be referred to another practice ie. Sexual Health


Using DigiScirbe-XL across the PCN will create significant cost reduction for practices. From saving on secretary time or agency typing, the PCN is guaranteed to see a ROI. PCNs will find the highest savings through the reporting module, when used to analyse the referral process across practices, being able to identify expensive gaps and/or failures has proved to save practices thousands every year.

Medical Speech Recognition

Removing the need for typing support staff across PCN's

For every 5 GP's, the average practice will need 1 full-time secretary for typing...

Save £100,000 over 5 years with Speech Recognition.

Facts & figures Speech Rec v Sevretary £100000 savings over 5 years

*salary and cost of Speech Recognition have been rounded up/down. Contact us for complete costing. 

99% accurate advanced Medical Speech-to-Text

Medical Speech Recognition allows Clinicians to instantly dictate emails, letters, consultation notes straight into their clinical system, READcode and so much more.

Release Clinician & Secretary Time

The Medical Speech-to-Text function completely removes the need for secretary typing, whilst saving clinicians 1 hour a day on administration such as typing consultation notes.

Accelerate the referral process

Create an almost instant referral turnaround time across the PCN by not having to wait for secretary typing or to receive documents from agencies - the Speech Recognition will transcribe instantly!

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