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What is happening with Dragon and Microsoft?

Microsoft purchased Nuance Communications in 2022, and as of June Nuance will be fully under the ownership of Microsoft. Nuance have been acquired because their technology is so far in advance, and their plans to take AI to the next level. They have been bought for $20 million US dollars.

How can AI be used in General Practice?

You still remain in control, but a lot of people are still afraid of AI. Your conversation has been turned into notes which you can still change and edit yourself. 

Can you use DMO in other applications?

With a simple (if web based) web extension installation, you can still use DMO in other applications. 

What is auto text in DMO?

It’s a block of text that may be repetitive ie safety net, and drops in a standard bit of text for you. They’re very easy to make and are really useful. Template launching and navigational tools are step-by-step commands which are all customisable and part of the thought process of trying to make your workflow better.

Are there integration issues with TPP?

With TPP being Java based as opposed to Windows based, in the previous version of Dragon you had to change the settings to make it work in consultations. There was a limitation when selecting words and correcting that didn’t work in TPP due to this. There’s now a speech section (under System menu in PC Settings) to click and it installs an integration with DMO so that it now works inside of TPP like a Windows application.

Does Dragon Medical One work on Macbooks?

It’s a Windows application, but it can be installed on Macbooks with Parallels.

Is the customisation of Dragon Medical One unique to Crescendo or Dragon?

The additional commands you see for navigational purposes (coding etc) are Crescendo’s commands that we pack together and offer for EMIS or TPP SystmOne which have been created for clinical systems. We also show people how to take these to the next level.

When I sat ‘et cetera’ why isn’t this automatically shortened to ‘etc’?

If you add a word into DMO, you can tell the software how you want it pronounced, and how you want it to appear. It’s the way you add the word to your dictionary that you can then manipulate.

How much does DMO cost for a 20,000 person Practice?

You have a unique Dragon user profile which allows you to install the software wherever you want to. It’s a subscription-based product priced at £599 per annum per user. It costs the same as a cup of coffee a day, and lets you get home to your families sooner than usual.

How does Dragon Medical One cope with background noise?

Most of this is down to the hardware you choose. Headsets have noise cancelling features, therefore Dragon knows it is listening to you and that you are the author because it has enough focus on your voice. When you finish dictating, turn the mic off. It has no problem with background noise when used this way. Keyboard shortcuts also help in making the mic on/off feature easier.

If people want to get Dragon installed, what’s the best way to contact Crescendo?

We offer a free 30-day no obligation trial of Dragon, and the best way to contact us is via email: or 01932789433 Opt.1

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