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On demand: Why Clinicians Are Adopting Medical Speech Recognition


What is the difference between Dragon Medical One and Lexacom/Dictate IT?

The merits of Dragon Medical One speak for themselves. I’ve been involved with Dragon for 20+ years but Dragon is the front runner by a superior distance. If you trial Dragon, I think you will be very satisfied. It ticks all of the boxes a doctor needs. 

Can Dragon pick up on different accents?

One of the real breakthroughs with this version of Dragon Medical One is the amount of accuracy when straight out of the box. It has an ability to understand the phonetic pronunciation of an English speaker regardless of their dialect or origin – it’s extraordinary. In my experience, it is consistent across any range of dialects or ethnicities. It’s something that needs to be tried and tested because the proof in the pudding is from actually experiencing it. The journey from its understanding of any voice, to understanding an individuals voice, almost perfectly, is now very short so the results are very impressive from the get go, and will only continue to get better.

Could you tell us a bit about how Clinicians can be using templates and step-by-step commands for them to continue to get time back?

These are some major features of Dragon Medical One. Your commands are customisable. You can also add auto text into your documents. Even further than that, you can add variable fields within the auto texts you create. These will enhance your workflow dramatically by making you more productive, whilst also making your workflow move more swiftly and more in sync. That’s what Crescendo offer as a service to make sure you get the most you can out of the software.

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Why clinicians are adopting medical speech recognition

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