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Are there any APIs available or does the user have to use Dragon Legal Anywhere on their desktop and the mobile app?

Yes, Dragon Legal Anywhere will interface with any windows application as long as it uses standard Windows control. Think of it more like an overlay. It’s able to automate the interface of that application usually by default but it also has shortcut keys which enable you to create your own voice commands.

Does it integrate with case management systems?

Yes, if it is a Windows system using standard controls it will operate with any. If there are any more complex workflow requirements, Crescendo are always happy to look at the CMS for you and create controls to suit you.

Does it recognise medical technology or do you need to have Dragon Medical One for this, if you are a legal firm working with short injury?

It has a general mode in the vocabulary which can be used but it is used extensively for medico-legal work. The vocab has been tailored for legal use and has been populated with additional specific legal terms. 

How do you set up auto-text and does this have to be set up per user?

They can be shared across your userbase.

Can it record both sides of a conversation?

It is specifically built around individual profiles which will listen to your voice. It’s able to pick up conversations very well but is not designed to record both sides.

What are the advantages of DMO Cloud over the local version?

One of the great advantages of the Cloud version is that it will run on basically any machine. Another advantage is accessibility, you can deploy it very simply across a whole network or on remote machines which will be able to pick up your own unique voice profile. The third major advantage is that this version has an analyst module built in allowing you to monitor the performance of the software. 

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