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Does Dragon Medical One recognise complex medical terms?

Being Dragon Medical One, it comes with a completely comprehensive dictionary built into it. The cloud-based technology also means that new drug names are regularly updated automatically.

Does Dragon pick up on different accents?

Different accents are not a problem, and the software is revolutionary now because it does not need to be trained. You can also further enhance the accuracy by adding your own vocabulary.

Can the free trial include all doctors in a Practice?

We are happy for trials to go up to 10 users which usually covers most GP Practices.

Will Dragon Medical One work with Arden templates?

It will, and we can give advice and help on how to leverage that aspect within the program.

Can on-premise licenses be converted to the cloud?

They can indeed, and there are many enticing offers available for this version so definitely get in touch with Crescendo to find out what the upgrade options are.

Can DMO work in EMIS, Office, Word etc?

Yes, Dragon is compatible with any Windows application – you just need to set up your custom commands, which our Sales or Support team can help you with.

Due to the software being cloud based, what does this mean in terms of cost compared to the on-premise software?

The best way to find out the costs would be to contact our Sales team. But the main different between cloud and on-premise, is that the cloud version is prescription-based for an annual fee.

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