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15th MAY 2024

Type Less, Care More: Free Up 1 Hour A Day In TPP SystmOne

Crescendo’s latest webinar for TPP SystmOne demonstrating the power of Dragon Medical One on clinical administration.

15th June 2023

Why clinicians are adopting medical speech recognition

Crescendo and Nuance are back again to tell you all of the reasons why clinicians are adopting speech recognition in the UK, and why you should invest if you haven’t already.

24th May 2023

General Practice Dictation Software in 2023

Crescendo joins a webinar hosted by eGPLearning telling the audience all about the industries most successful speech-to-text engine. This discussion is catered to existing customers and potential investors.

26th April 2023

Speech Recognition in the Modern Workplace: How Dragon can improve your work-life balance

Crescendo and Nuance tell an audience all of the ways Dragon can improve your work-life balance no matter the sector you work in, as well as telling you all about the history of Dragon

5th April 2023

New tpp system one dragon medical one integration

Crescendo and Nuance wanted to come together to tell all existing Dragon users, and those interested in investing in the software, about the new TPP SystmOne and Dragon Medical One integration that has GPs excited.

15th february 2023

Save 1 Hour A Day With Dragon Professional Anywhere For Finance

Crescendo demonstrates the value of Dragon Speech Recognition for financial professionals. Webinar includes a live demo and overview of the benefits of Dragon Professional Anywhere For Finance.  

6th December 2022

Dragon legal anywhere

Crescendo & Nuance join forces to demonstrate the features of Dragon Legal Anywhere and answer all of your burning questions.

7th July 2022

Meet the GPs saving 1 hour a day with Dragon Medical One

Crescendo & Nuance were joined by Dr Barry Sullman to discuss how GPs are saving 1 hour a day with Dragon Medical One. 

24th May 2022

save 1 hour a day with dragon professional anywhere

In this insightful webinar Crescendo & ORdigiNAL demonstrated how professionals can reduce their admin burden whilst improving the quality of their work in less than 1 hour.

05th May 2022

taking a fresh look at dragon for legal

Crescendo & Nuance are joined by solicitor Jonathan Silverman for this exclusive webinar looking at the history of Speech Recognition and why thousands of legal professionals have now adopted the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Legal Speech Recognition software to save themselves upwards of 1 hour a day on typing.

10th November 2021

Speech-enabling emis web

Crescendo, Nuance & EMIS present the ‘Speech-enabling EMIS Web’ webinar with Dr Moukli, Dr Wood, Dr Wallace and Paul Morgan.

27 october 2021

giving justice a voice

Crescendo, Nuance and LexisNexis team up with a panel of thought leaders within the legal sector in this webinar which took place on Wednesday 27th October.

28 july 2021

Preparing for Backlogs with Speech Recognition in Primary Care

Crescendo & Nuance partner up for another webinar, this one demonstrating the impact of Dragon Medical One Speech Recognition has on clearing backlogs.

03 june 2021

dragon legal anywhere launch

In partnership with Nuance (the creator’s of Dragon Speech Recognition) Crescendo launched our latest product for the UK Legal sector, Dragon Legal Anywhere. Including the first ever live demo of the software.

19 may 2021

How to voice enable TPP SystmOne

In this webinar exclusively for TPP SystmOne users, Crescendo demonstrates exactly how Clinicians can voice enable their clinical system to save themselves 1 hour a day on typing.

05 may 2021

How to voice enable emis web

In this webinar exclusively for EMIS Web users, Crescendo demonstrates exactly how Clinicians can voice enable their clinical system to save themselves 1 hour a day on typing.

Speech Recognition in General Practice

10 March 2021

Speech Recognition in general practice with egp Learning

Crescendo recently featured on eGP Learning’s Youtube channel to showcase our Speech Recognition software into SystmOne, plus answering questions from the eGP community. 

04 March 2021

Utilising speech technologies to ease clinical admin

Webinar in collaboration with Nuance. Exploring the effect Covid 19 has had on Clinical Admin in primary care. Includes findings from Nuances recent survey plus a live demo of Dragon Medical One. 

18 feb 2021

Speech Recognition - Better business outcomes for 2021

Crescendo & Nuance present a webinar discussing how to improve business in 2021 through new technologies, including a demonstration of speech recognition.

Law society webinar thumbnail

26 jan 2021

Risks and rewards of using technology effectively in legal practice

A webinar in partnership with the Law Society and Nuance, covering ways to overcome challenges when investing in technology & the benefits of speech recognition.

TPP SystmOne Webinar

12 nov 2020

Meet the GP's saving 1 hour a day in TPP SystmOne

Crescendo brought together GP SystmOne users to discuss how Speech Recognition is benefiting them and patients within practice.

EMIS webinar

04 nov 2020

Meet the GP's saving 1 hour a day in EMIS Web

Crescendo brought together GP EMIS Web users to discuss how Speech Recognition is benefiting them and patients within practice.

15 oct 2020

Digital Transformation & Speech Recognition (for professionals)

In partnership with Nuance we deliver a webinar demonstrating how speech recognition fits into the professional sectors digital transformation plans.

08 oct 2020

Boosting Productivity With Speech Recognition

Webinar for the Community & Mental Health sectors run in partnership with Convenzis. With 2 managers from NHS Trusts joining us, we discover the impact of Speech Recognition.