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Crescendo & Mental Healthcare

Crescendo have been a leading provider of Dictation Solutions to the NHS for the past 20 years.

Clinican hours saved last year
1 +
clinical letters created last year
1 +
projected savings to mental healthcare over the next 5 yrs
£ 1 mil

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition is a must-have for every Mental Health Professional. Mental Health notes are vast and require a quick turnaround, Speech Recognition’s Speech-to-text allows just this, and lots more.

Digital Dictation

Whilst we will always advocate Speech Recognition for Mental Health, where this may not be possible Digital Dictation is a great alternative. Digital Dictation will ensure no referrals are missed and offers full reporting and tracking.

Crescendo Mental Health Case Studies


Mental Health Consultants at NAViGO are using Medical Speech Recognition to create their clinical notes and documentation within TPP SystmOne. Reduced turnaround of referral letters from 2 weeks to 2 days by enabling real time letter creation.


RDaSH deployed Dragon Medical across their spectrum of Mental Health services. It is used in conjunction with SystmOne to speed up the creation of clinical documents to reduce overall turnaround times.

Nightingal Hospital

The Nightingale Hospital is a private Mental Health Hospital specialising in addictions and eating disorders. A number of their consultants use our Medical Speech Recognition to save time completing clinical documentation. 

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