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Crescendo has been working within Primary, Acute and Community Care for over 25 years delivering effective workflow solutions.

Crescendo & Primary Care

Multi-Site Connectivity

Share information and typing resources across branch sites, federations or CCG’s.

Clinical Systems Integration

Flawless integration with popular clinical systems such EMIS Web & TPP SystmOne.

Over 30 years experience in Primary Care

Crescendo has more than 200,000 Primary Care members using our dictation solutions.

Speciality & Referral Reporting

Track, analyse and control secondary care referrals to reduce costs.

Solutions for Primary Care

Digital Dictation

Crescendo GP tailored our Digital Dictation integrates with your Clinical Systems, to help the referral system. Add on back end Speech Recognition to send the secretaries text rather than audio referrals.

Speech Recognition

Utilise Crescendo Medical Speech Recognition in your GP Practice, speak directly into your clinical system and navigate it entirely by voice, send referrals as tasks, auto READcode and so much more!

Outsourced Transcription

Crescendo have built relationships with transcription service providers in the UK to provide 1-click transcription for our clients when needed. Contact us for a transcription organisation in your area.

Case studies

Westmoreland GP’s take the first step to Digital Dictation and see an 80% turnaround improvement in the first month! 

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Find out why Buxton recommend Crescendo Speech Recognition here.

Dr Hillier and Partners utilise Crescendo Digital Dictation across multiple sites!

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Crescendo & Community Care

Clinical System Integration

Seamless integration with the leading clinical systems such EMIS Web, RiO & TPP SystmOne.

Voice Enabled Workflows

Navigate your clinical system and populate templates using your voice to save time and improve workflow.

Mobile Dictation

Dictate on the go with our Smartphone and Tablet apps. Free to use for all Crescendo customers.

Secured data

All patient information is highly sensitive, which is why we ensure all of our products g follow NHS IG legislation.

Solutions for Community Care

Digital Dictation

Crescendo have designed a Digital Dictation module for Community Care to support in your busy schedules of seeing patient after patient whether in the clinic or on the go. Use it on mobile, tablet, laptop and PC.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition has been referred to as a "life saver" from community workers because of the amount of time it saves them everyday. Speak directly into standard letter templates and clinical systems, even navigate them entirely by voice.


Crescendo has built strong relationships with transcription specialists across the UK to assist our clients when they need a helping hand. Our Digital Dictation system has a 1-click button to send your dictations for typing.

Clients include

Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust have been utilising Crescendo’s Speech Recognition following a successful trial across the trust. 

Users have reported saving up to an hour on administration a day!

Provide have been using Crescendo for their Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition since 2016. 

Almost 4 years later they are still valued customers of Crescendo.

Kent Community Health joined Crescendo towards the end of 2018 for Speech Recognition. 

Users have utilised the software to save time and improve quality of document creation. 

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Crescendo & Acute Care


Use Centro on tablets, PC's, Smartphones and hospital phones. Delivered on-site or from the cloud.

Secured data

Clinical documentation is highly sensitive. Centro has been designed to meet NHS IG legislation.

Integrated Document Workflow Solutions

Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition and Documentation solutions which seamlessly integrate with your hospital systems.

Voice Enabled Workflows

Navigate your EPR and populate templates by voice resulting in massive time savings.

Solutions for Acute Care

Digital Dictation

Crescendo's Digital Dictation Acute Care module is being used in over 8,000 Hospitals and Trusts worldwide. Integrate your Dictations with your EPR System, utilise back end Speech Recognition to save secretarial time.

Speech Recognition

Crescendo's Medical Speech Recognition is increasingly popular in Hospitals due to incredible time savings. Clinicians report saving over 1 hour everyday on administration, and their secretaries report even more!

Clinical Documentation

Speed up the Clinical Documentation process within your Trust/Hospital with Centro. Centro can save hospitals over £800,000.00 every year on administration costs. Learn more about Centro today.

Case studies

North Tyneside General Hospital’s Physiotherapy Department recently trialled Speech Recognition and loved it so much they have implemented it across the department! 

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Gloucestershire Royal Hospital started with 100 users on Crescendo Digital Dictation. Find out how quickly they managed to clear their backlog of letters here.

Referral turnaround went from 5 days to only 24 hours in the American Hospital of Paris when they started using Crescendo’s Digital Dictation.

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“I have always found Crescendo to be professional, helpful and efficient. We have sourced both the software and the hardware for dictation through them and prices have always been competitive and service timely. I would recommend.” 







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