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by olivia beke

Meet the gp's saving 1 hour a day in EMIS or tpp Systmone

Crescendo are hosting webinars in November for EMIS & TPP SystmOne GP users to hear first-hand from Crescendo GP users on how Speech Recognition is boosting their productivity.

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Why Speech Recognition in your GP Practice?

Short answer – your GP’s are busy and it will save them time

Long answer – Crescendo’s Medical Speech Recognition has been designed specifically for GP’s, to save them time completing consultation notes whilst improving the quality of them. Features & benefits include:

  • Over 99% accuracy out of the box, thanks to it’s built in medical dictionary
  • Get going immediately – long gone are the days of training the system for hours
  • 3x faster than typing – and that’s for the average typist!
  • Save secretaries hours a week on transcribing audio files

Why Crescendo?

So you’ve decided that Speech Recognition could be a good idea for your practice, now you have to ensure you chose the right provider that will support your team in set up and ongoing support.

Here’s why Crescendo is the best choice for your Medical Speech Recognition provider:

  • UK’s #1 Provider of Dragon Medical
  • Clinical Command Packs for EMIS & TPP SystmOne (no other provider has this)
  • Custom training for each user
  • Flexible pricing modules
  • Free 30-day trial with no upfront costs (unlike most other providers)

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