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by olivia beke

3 helpful pieces of software to help Remote Working for your GP Practice

Teams working from home is a foreign concept for most GP Practices, so Crescendo have put together a list of our favourite 3 software’s to help the transition run as smoothly as possible.

Microsoft Teams - free for the NHS

Microsoft and NHS Digital are rolling out Microsoft Teams free of charge to the NHS. 

Teams is a great application for pooling teams together (ie. Secretaries, GP’s, Management) to have ongoing communication whilst away from the surgery. It also has the functionality to host meetings and share screens.

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Speech Recognition - free for 45 days

Clever advanced Medical Speech-to-Text that works in EMIS & SystmOne.. this is being offered by Crescendo on an extended free 45 day no obligation trial.

Speech Recognition ensures GP’s are as productive as possible, whilst also guaranteeing quality of Clinical Notes. Furthermore, Speech Recognition reduces reliance on typing staff to decipher dictations, as dictations are automatically typed.

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*Speech also works in SystmOne and alongside other leading Clinical Systems

Away from my desk

Away from my desk helps NHS employees access their work computer from anywhere at any time. 

This software can be incredibly useful for Practices that cannot connect to their internal systems via a VPN, and gives a means to access the work PC’s from home.

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