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Dictation for primary care

Whilst it is fantastic that there are so many options available to us for everything now, it can often make purchasing the right solution complicated. 

Here at Crescendo we’ve decided to make it a bit easier for you, by laying out all dictation options for Primary Care, so that you can make an informed decision. 

1. Speech Recognition - Dragon Medical Practice Edition

This is locally hosted Speech Recognition for General Practitioners. Features include:

  • 99% accurate medical voice-to-text engine out of the box
  • Task letters and notes to secretary’s to create and send referrals as text rather than voice
  • Built in “Read Code as you Speak” feature – SNOMED ready!
  • Create short voice commands to insert frequently used sentences and paragraphs such as common illnesses
  • ‘Safety net’ command to insert standard text into consultation notes
  • Template commands, just say “open document x”
  • Works in EMIS & SystmOne

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2. Speech Recognition - NEW Dragon Medical One

This is the latest release of Speech Recognition for GP’s, which is for the first time being hosted in the cloud (which is HSCN certified).

DMO brings the most loved features from Dragon Medical Practice Edition, plus some extra ones to improve user experience.

  • Now works in Vision & Microtext as well as EMIS & SystmOne
  • So easy to install and maintain – no need for IT input/permissions
  • Create reports to see how much each user is using the software – perfect for calculating ROI
  • Subscription based pricing
  • No need for expensive hardware – with the new PowerMic App dictate into smartphones!

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3. Digital Dictation - DigiScribe-XL for GP Practices

Crescendo’s self-developed DigiScribe-XL Digital Dictation has taken simple audio recording and transcription to a digital solution allowing a live overview of all dictations, transcription progress and more.

  • The locally hosted solution can be used for single site, multi-branch or CCG wide deployment to share referral data and typing resources
  • Delegate and prioritise dictations
  • Fully integrated background Speech Recognition
  • Mobile app dictation
  • Pay-as-you-Go Outsourced Transcription module
  • Speciality & Referral analytics to identify training needs and control referral costs
  • Clinical System interfaces for EMIS & SystmOne
  • DigiScribe-XL is HSCN certified

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