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Crescendo Systems announces new partnership with EMIS Health

Sunbury-on-Thames, 11 Nov 2016 - Crescendo, leading supplier of Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition & Referral Management Systems to tens of thousands of NHS users, today announced that they are now fully accredited on the EMIS Partner Programme.


John Bendall 01932-789433

Seamless integration between Crescendo and EMIS Web ensures correct labelling of patient demographics into every dictation, which speeds up the dictation process, eliminates typing errors and safeguards practices from potential cross referrals.
Every time the dictation is edited or transcribed, the corresponding patient record is automatically loaded into EMIS Web, thereby, ensuring the correct patient is selected every time.

When doctors dictate with Crescendo at the point of referral, they are asked to select, in addition to the automated patient demographic entry, the specialty and referral type from a customisable “smart list”, which can mirror NHS England’s E-referral service specialties and clinics. This data is then captured by the central Crescendo system, providing a real-time snapshot of referral activity along with detailed, customisable reports.
Speeding up document turnaround times by up to 40%, the Crescendo Referral Management module allows practices to track, analyse and control their secondary care referrals whilst saving clinicians and support staff significant time.

John Bendall, Director of UK Operations, Crescendo Systems Limited, comments, “We are extremely pleased to be part of the EMIS Partner Programme. By working closer with EMIS Health, our products and clinical system integration will become become more feature-rich as we look at news ways to streamline the referral process within GP surgeries.”

Crescendo also makes it easy for doctors to voice-activate EMIS so they can navigate around patient screens and speak consultation notes rather than typing them. Crescendo’s integrated Speech Recognition solution hereby increases speed and accuracy, even when creating emails and searching the web. Medical terminology and drug names are built into the system to increase accuracy and eliminate spelling errors. Speech Recognition can also take place in the background whereby dictations get Speech Recognised prior to transcription: all the Secretary has to do is correct minor mistakes rather than typing each referral from scratch.

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