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I find that some websites do not allow dictation into a text box– just brings up a text book in dragon and i have to use cursor to place in web site and paste– is this all to do with the web browser? – how do i get round this- thanks?

The software installation page explains how to obtain the web extensions required by browser to make them work:…

Can anyone share canned commands for SystmOne that already in existence or designed. I am happy to share my results normal command!?

We have a ‘command pack’ for SystmOne, if you reach out to our support team, we can check they have been applied to your account.

How do I add commands?

Commands are added through the Dragon menu, @Manage step-by-step Commands’.

How do you open patient record

This depends on the clinical system being used, for EMIS use:…

For S1 use:…

How do you find EMIS shortcuts?

In EMIS press the ‘Alt’ key and EMIS should show the shortcut keys on screen.

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