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All Existing Users Can Try The New Version For Free

After 10 strong years, Dragon Medical Practice Edition (DMPE) is finally being phased out with End-of Life starting September 2022, making way for Nuance’s all new, cloud based, AI powered, Dragon Medical One (DMO) solution.

Users with a valid DMPE Maintenance & Support contract can subscribe to DMO free for a period of time.

Dragon Medical One is more accurate, more reliable and can be used anywhere. Log-on in seconds, let your profile roam with you and it’s all seamlessly backed up as you speak. Why not try it out today and compare it to your current version of DMPE?

Abernethy House Surgery - Dr Ihab Youssef, GP Partner/Trainer

Abernethy House Surgery - Dr Ihab Youssef, GP Partner/Trainer

"At Abernethy, we have upgraded from the desktop version (Dragon Medical Practice Edition) to the hosted DMO (Dragon Medical One) as it is much faster, more accurate, and is fast on old computers as long as they have an internet connection. It is Cloud-based so users can use their profile from any computer after installing DMO. Each license allows multiple installations for the user (surgery computers, remote laptops, personal computers) without having to make a call to GP IT who manages the devices. For the best speech accuracy, DMO needs a good USB mic."

Your questions, answered

Your current DMPE software isn’t going to just stop working, but it certainly won’t get any new features or makeovers. Once the maintenance stops (Sept 2023), DMPE won’t get any critical updates to patch up security issues which out of date software is vulnerable to. DMO will ensure your software is kept up to date every time you log in.

Dragon Medical One (DMO) is the new flagship cloud-based  solution which offers significant benefits over locally installed speech recognition, including an enhanced user experience through:

Simple installation
Install it yourself via a web browser without the need for IT assistance or admin rights.

Always up to date
Software updates automatically just like Microsoft Office.

Dynamic dictionary
Dictionaries are regularly updated with new medical terminology and new drug names are added automatically.

Fast speedy performance
Voice processing takes place in the cloud ensuring no overhead on local NHS PC’s.

Use it anywhere
At work, on the go, even carry it on a USB drive to use in 3rd party locations you visit. Better still Clinician’s working from home can use PowerMic Mobile Smartphone App to dictate directly into their Clinical System when using remote access tools.

Roaming profiles
Voice profiles, custom words, phrases, commands etc… follow you everywhere.

Protected profiles
Voice profiles are protected from corruption. If resets are ever required this does not affect custom words, phrases and/or commands.

No hardware required
No extra hardware required with the Dragon PowerMic Mobile App, turn your smartphone into a microphone wherever you are working.

Advanced reporting
Full usage reporting across the organisation including utilisation data, adoption trends, ROI reporting such as time saved per GP.

Managed service
Words, phrases, commands can all be added by us and also allocated to other users by department or facility.

Near seamless upgrade
Except for complex commands, all other customisations including custom words and/or phrases can be exported from DMPE and imported into DMO.

Transitioning to DMO is easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Complete the below form requesting to switch
  2. Crescendo will send you information and pricing for your approval
  3. Once approved Crescendo will move your data across from your old profiles and install the new software for you

Crescendo are offering current DMPE users a free trial period of DMO to allow for testing of the new solution.

Yes, switching now will allow you to immediately benefit from all the always up to date vocabulary, the automated product updates and much more. There are also various pricing incentives available to you as an existing DMPE user and the sooner you choose to switch the better these incentives are.  

In short, yes. Nuance Dragon solutions feature 99.5% uptime and run on data centres hosted on Microsoft Azure in the United Kingdom, UK GDPR compliant and ISO 27001-certified Cloud Services. The communication is transmitted via HTTPS with an AES 256-bit cipher algorithm.

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