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Using DigiDictate-IP and a computer microphone such as Philips SpeechMikes or Olympus DirectRec devices, you can dictate, schedule, edit and track your work from start to finish right from your desktop.

Priorities and work types are set by the click of a button, and your dictations are immediately displayed on your secretaries’ work lists to ensure the shortest turnaround times.


BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad or Windows Phone users have their digital dictation app! Each dictation can be labelled with a cpatient ID, referral type and priority before being sent to the surgery web server for typing. Our standalone option will even support restricted networks with a built in 'dictate & e-mail' option.


For those doctors with mobile working requirements such as home visits, DigiService-IP supports a wide range of professional mobile recorders from Olympus and Philips, allowing you to dictate in the surgery, on the move or from any remote location. Every time you dock your recorder, DigiService-IP uploads completed dictations to the office network or via the Internet for immediate transcription.


Perfect for doctors who cannot access a computer or mobile recorder, the DigiScribe-XL Telephony Server allows you to dictate via a landline or mobile phone, without the need for additional hardware or software. Just like using a voice mail system, you dial in your user code to start dictating, using the telephone keypad to FF, PLAY, RW, edit or prioritise your dictations.

DigiScribe-XL Digital Dictation

Dictate anywhere, anytime, from any device

DigiDictate Mobile


DigiScribe-XL Digital Dictation for Hospitals & Trusts



"I am very happy with the great progress yielded by the system. It makes administrative tasks a whole lot easier and I particularly appreciate the fast,  instant delivery of voice files to our secretaries. Even when it's a busy day in the OR, the system makes it easy for me to handle my dictations during breaks."

Dr. Catalin Ursu

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Hopale Foundation, France

Hopale Foundation