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SUNBURY-ON-THAMES, UK, MARCH 9, 2015 - Crescendo Systems Limited today announced the launch of a fully integrated Digital Dictation & Speech Recognition solution providing GP Practices with the flexibility and cost efficiency they long for.

More and more surgeries are turning to speech recognition to speech-enable consultation notes, referral letters and the wide array of administrative tasks that fill their working day, yet they’re often asked to choose between two modes: front-end speech recognition, whereby doctors create their own referrals and add consultation notes in real-time; or back-end speech recognition, whereby voice is turned to text in the background for either the doctor or secretary to proofread (as opposed to typing it from scratch).



Crescendo delivers fully integrated digital dictation and speech recognition to GP practices


Claire Betis +33 (0)6 10 72 34 44

“Practices should be able to activate speech recognition for certain doctors or referral types only, depending on their specific needs,” according to John Bendall, Director of UK Operations, Crescendo Systems Limited. “Because flexibility is the real productivity booster, our integrated solution allows doctors to switch between digital dictation, then front-end and back-end speech recognition modes anytime. While certain doctors will want to wrap up their own referrals right away, others will prefer dictating notes on the fly and routing them to secretaries in the background for a later sign off. As for locums and registrars, they might just want to do straight forward digital dictation.”

Crescendo’s fully integrated solution takes into account the fact that doctors have various voice patterns, various comfort levels towards technology, various habits, various preferences and also various workflows to deal with. “Doctors should never be forced into creating their own referrals if they don’t have time for that. But that specific choice should not prevent them from accessing other key features offered by front-end speech recognition, such as the ability to navigate around their clinical system and add medication and consultation notes by voice directly to the patient file,” adds Bendall.

Crescendo’s integrated solution is powered by the latest Dragon Medical Practice Edition V2, which offers up to 20% better accuracy than previous versions and requires virtually no training. Supporting 90+ medical specialties developed over the years by market leader Nuance, the system learns from its mistakes in the background, making the learning process entirely transparent to users.

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