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by Crescendo - supplier to 40% of NHS Community Trusts

Crescendo & Community Care

Crescendo have been a leading provider of Dictation Solutions to the NHS for the past 20 years.

Clinican hours saved last year
1 +
clinical letters created last year
1 +
projected savings to community care over the next 5 yrs
£ 1 mil

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition is revolutionary in Community Care, saving clinicians hours completing template documents whilst enhancing quality and quantity of information.

Digital Dictation

A valuable tool for community care, stepping up from tapes, one secure place for clinicians to dictate their letters to, ready for the secretarial team to type up when required.

Crescendo Community Case Studies

PROVIDE Community Care

Using both Digital Dictation & Speech Recognition alongside TPP SystmOne. Since introducing our dictation solutions quality and quality of documentation has improved tenfold.

Derbyshire Community Trust

30 licences of Dragon Medical  were purchased across Derbyshire following a successful trial of the software. Turnaround time of letters has gone from 2 weeks to real-time.


Widespread use of Dragon Medical across the Trust to improve document productivity. It is used in a variety of specialties including Podiatry and Speech & Language Therapies.

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