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The Heavitree Practice

The Heavitree Practice in Exeter has 6 GP’s in their Practice and they look after approximately 7,500 patients. 

7 years ago…

In 2017, The Heavitree Practice contacted Crescendo about a Speech Recognition solution for their practice.

The Requirement

The Heavitree Practice already had Digital Dictation with another supplier, which worked well, however, they wanted to go one-step further with Speech Recognition, and had heard about Crescendo’s outstanding reputation in the industry.

They requested more information from Crescendo and explained their requirements for the solution, which included:

  • A Speech Recognition Solution that integrated with their clinical system, SystmOne
  • Reduce or completely remove the need for secretary transcription, whilst having no impact on GP time
  • Save the GP’s time on administration

Crescendo was ready and willing to accept the challenge set out by The Heavitree Practice, so Paul (Our Sales Manager) headed to Exeter to conduct a free demonstration of the Crescendo Speech Solution.

The Crescendo Solution

The demonstration went incredibly well, the GP’s were very impressed with the Speech Recognition, especially the accuracy of the software, along with the Voice Command Pack that Crescendo developed to allow voice navigation within SystmOne.

In September 2017, The Heavitree Practice commenced their 30-day free trial of the Medical Speech Recognition Solution. Crescendo provided comprehensive on-site training with Paul, along with Olympus RecMic’s to ensure they had top quality hardware to get the best results from the Speech Recognition. 

“Paul’s training was excellent and complimented the software well”

Following the trial, they decided to go ahead with Crescendo and the Speech Recognition solution.

The Outcome

“Having worked with Crescendo for 30-days and tried and tested the software it was felt that the Dragon Medical Speech Recognition would meet our requirements of freeing up more time for the Doctors and Admin staff.” – Sarah Johnston, Practice Manager

2 years later… 

Sarah Johnston, the Practice Manager, gives us an update…

“The Dragon Speech Recognition through Crescendo has been a useful tool for the GPs which is used not only for dictation of letters but for completing consultations, we now work at the practice without a secretary as the GP partners do 99% of their own letters.” – August 2019

With the average salary of a full-time Medical Secretary in the UK being over £20,000 per year, the software paid for itself in just 6 months and continues to save the practice year on year. Can you afford not to try Speech Recognition? Call us on 01932 789433 or email us for more information.