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Saltscar Surgery is a small but very busy GP Surgery based in Cleveland, North East England, looking after over 8,000 patients. 

The Problem

Saltscar Surgery had been using Digital Dictation for a number of years, however, following a Windows 10 upgrade the software was no longer compatible with their computers [see Crescendo’s DigiScribe-XL solution which is Windows 10 compatible here].

Kerry, the Deputy Practice Manager, decided to have a look at some alternatives to the existing system and came across Crescendo who offered not only Digital Dictation but also Speech Recognition solutions. 

Kerry was particularity interested in the Crescendo Speech Recognition offering, Dragon Medical Practice Edition by Nuance, as this could help the practice become more efficient. She invited Tony from Crescendo to demonstrate the Dragon Medical Speech Recognition Solution, as she wanted to check that it met their requirements:

  • A solution which is compatible with Windows 10
  • Will save secretaries significant time on typing
  • Create less work for GP’s rather than more work
  • Full integration with their Clinical System, TPP SystmOne

The Solution

During the demonstration, Tony showed how the Medical Speech Recognition can be used directly into TPP SystmOne, navigating and controlling the system by voice, dictating consultation notes, auto-READcoding and tasking referrals to secretaries as notes, rather than dictating them. 

Following the demonstration, it was clear to the GP’s and Kerry that the Speech Recognition was going to impact the practice’s referral process very positively. In fact it would completely remove the need for Digital Dictation and in turn reduce the secretaries time which they currently spend typing.

Saltscar Surgery decided to put the Crescendo Speech solution to the test with a no-obligation 30-day trial of the software.

Tony returned to the surgery to conduct the training for the GP’s and help them set up their profiles. The training went very well and the GP’s were confident using Dragon by the end of the session.

The Results

30-days later, Saltscar Surgery purchased Dragon Medical Speech Recognition following a very successful trial.

The secretaries had the following feedback:

“The Medical Speech Recognition is saving us approximately 1 hour a day. This time is now being taken up with other admin work that took the back seat, increasing productivity and helping to keep up to date with all jobs better.”

The GP’s also said:

“Dragon is saving us time writing up our consultations, instead of being two finger typists, we can put the cursor where we wish to type, and talk instead. Our consultations are more precise and contain a lot more information.”


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