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North Tyneside General Hospital

North Tyneside General Hospital are part of Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust providing care to over 500,000 people in Northumberland and North Tyneside. 

The Situation 

The Physiotherapy Department at North Tyneside Hospital deal with both Acute and Community Services. The department had been struggling to find enough time for administration following a day in clinic. The Clinicians had back-to-back appointments, and at the end of their clinics they would often be typing up the consultation notes and writing letters until early evening.  

Historically, Speech Recognition was rolled out across the trust with another provider following a tender (not Crescendo), however the system in use was not compatible with SystmOne. The team realised that if they found the right solution it could save them a lot of time. 

The department in question contacted their clinical system supplier, SystmOne, and asked them for some advice regarding a Speech Recognition solution. SystmOne recommended they speak to Crescendo. 

The Requirement 

They had a number of important features that the Speech Recognition must have:

SystmOne integration – they wanted to be able to speak directly into SystmOne and navigate the clinical system by voice.

Constant learning – after their experience with the other software, it was essential that the software kept on learning and changes could be made to the recognised text.

High accuracy – they needed to be able to trust the Speech Recognition to not make frequent errors to ensure cost effectiveness.  

Crescendo’s Solution

Crescendo were approached by the Trust and Tony Walsh visited the Physiotherapy Department to understand their requirement and demonstrate Crescendo’s solution. 

Very quickly it became obvious that Crescendo’s Speech Recognition software would meet all of their requirements. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) software constantly learn new words and phrases, and the accuracy was near enough perfect out-of-the-box and best of all they could speak directly into SystmOne and all their letter templates. 

Without delay the Physiotherapy Department agreed to run a 30 day pilot of the system with all 7 of their clinicians.

The Outcome

 Within days the Clinicians were completing their administration work on time, which is something they had struggled to achieve beforehand. Clinical notes were more in-depth and of a higher quality.

What Did The Clinician’s Say? 

“It has helped to improve my work/life balance”

“Crescendo Speech Recognition has increased my productivity as I am now able to get through more activities in a clinic session”

“Crescendo has been life-changing and allows me more time for patient contact”

“It has allowed me to enrich communications with patients as I can now add links to more information etc to patient letters”

“Crescendo Speech Recognition reduces clinic stress around typing my patient letters”


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