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Written Case Study

Langton Grange Medical Centre currently have two surgeries, one in Lichfield and another in a neighbouring town Whittington.

The problem

Langton were using tapes for their referrals, however this was becoming increasingly difficult due to tapes fading, tapes breaking and not being able to find replacements for tapes anymore.

GPs were becoming increasingly frustrated with having to re-dictate referrals, and secretaries were finding it difficult to hear the recordings on the tapes, as they were unable to buy new tapes anymore.

The solution

In April 2019, the Administration Manager at Langton Grange, Tracy decided to invite Crescendo in for a demonstration of their Medical Speech Recognition Software, Dragon Medical.

Tony Walsh (Business Development Manager) visited Langton Grange one sunny afternoon to show them a demonstration of the Speech Recognition Software in EMIS web, which is their Clinical System.

The GPs, Tracy, and the secretaries alike were all blown away by the capability of the software saying it was going to revolutionise the way they worked within the practice.

They immediately decided that it would be well worth their time to have a free 30-day trial, so Tony had them set up on a free trial with high quality microphones from Olympus provided.

Putting it to the test

Tony visited the practice again to train the GPs over a lunchtime, the GPs got along with the software straightaway and were very impressed with all the commands they could set up such as common illnesses Auto-Texts and ‘Safety Net’ commands.

Over the course of the trial, they found that their referral process sped up from an average turnaround of a week to instant completion. The secretaries are now being utilised for other tasks rather than typing, which has created significant financial savings for the practice. The GPs have also found that they are saving time in not only typing consultation notes, but also not having to check over referrals once the secretaries have completed their typing.

The Medical Speech Recognition has equated to time savings for the full-time partner of nearly an hour a day, and the secretaries found that they’re saving over 20-hours a week on transcription.

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