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John Cairns
& Dragon Professional Anywhere for finance

John Cairns, a Tax Director at Robb Ferguson Chartered Accountants, is a self-confessed two-finger typist.

Crescendo introduced Dragon Professional Anywhere for Finance speech recognition to John, as a solution to help him speed up the typing of emails, documents, reports and more.

Dragon Professional Anywhere allows him to speak rather than type, making his typing output 3x faster than before.

"The thought of having to type a long document at my glacial speed, fills me with dread. With Dragon, I can dictate something very quickly and it appears immediately in a Word document, which I can review and tweak before sending it to a client or colleague. This saves further time as I don’t have to wait on a secretary typing dictation."

Crescendo takes it further with personalisations

John didn’t just want to use Dragon as a simple speech-to-text engine, he wanted to streamline processes with his voice. The Crescendo support team worked with him to set Dragon up to remove annoying repetitive work.

Opening Documents by voice

John has been set up with commands to open his commonly used documents and templates using voice, saving routing around the file explorer.

Example: Say “Open HMRC clearance Document” – Dragon finds the document and opens it.

Auto Texts for repetitive typing

John was constantly going back and forth copy and pasting standard paragraphs of text. Now they are saved within Dragon and can be called upon with a voice prompt.

Example: Say “Standard Sign Off” and Dragon inserts “If you need anything further or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me”.

Internal navigation of documents

When working in large documents, John is now set up so using Dragon he can navigate to a specific section or fields within the document.

Example: Say “Got to Section 4b” and Dragon goes to that section of the document.

"Preparing a long letter or report for a client using Dragon is a pleasure where I can literally sit with my eyes shut, rather than spending long periods staring at a keyboard, and looking through documents."

Thanks to Dragon Professional Anywhere for Finance and Crescendo, John has not only freed up valuable time, but also has more time to focus on what he does best – providing top-notch tax advice to his clients.

So, if you’re looking to streamline your processes and unlock new levels of productivity, consider following John’s lead and speak to Crescendo today!

Dragon Professional anywhere's benefits for finance professionals

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