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Jo Johnson Family Law
dragon legal anywhere case study

Unlocking Efficiency: Jo Johnson Family Law enhances their LEAP Case Management System with Dragon Legal Anywhere from Crescendo.

Learn about their experience in this Dragon Legal Anywhere with LEAP Case Study.

Overcoming Obstacles

As an SME with limited support staff, Jo sought to optimise her workflow within LEAP Case Management, particularly in time recording and billing processes.

Let’s Find A Solution That Works For You

The implementation of Dragon Legal Anywhere allowed Jo to dictate directly into LEAP, simplifying document creation; including letters, emails, forms, and detailed time entries for billing purposes.

Benefits That Last

Jo seamlessly records billable hours within LEAP using speech recognition, eliminating manual data entry and enhancing accuracy.

The interfacing resulted in significant time savings, enabling Jo to focus on legal work and increasing overall productivity without the need for additional administrative support.

Positive Outcomes

The streamlined interfacing of Dragon Legal Anywhere with LEAP Case Management has empowered Jo Johnson Family Law to efficiently manage time recording and billing processes, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings.


Jo Johnson Family Law’s success demonstrates the transformative impact of integrating technology into legal practices, emphasising the advantages of streamlined workflows and improved billing processes.

About Jo Johnson Family Law

Jo Johnson Family Law is a small family law practice based in North Staffordshire specialising in Family and Matrimonial Law. The firm are committed to dealing with a small cluster of clients at one time, allowing for more dedication and flexibility towards each case, no matter how sensitive or what support is required.

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